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2021 SZconsult Schedule of Brief Didactics

Jan. 5, Psychosis from aspirin? What do we know about the relationship between NSAIDs and psychosis?

Jan. 12, Montelukast. What are the psychiatric adverse effect risks from this popular asthma/allergy medication and who is at risk?

Jan. 19, Psychosis and other psychiatric adverse effects from trazodone. (Yes, trazodone)

Jan. 26, Laxative Do’s and Don’ts

2020 SZconsult Schedule of Brief Didactics

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Jan. 7     From dopamine to delusion: Explaining how psychosis happens
Jan. 14   Glutamate: Psychiatry’s “Next Big Thing”
Jan. 21   Self-injurious behaviors
Jan. 28  Loxapine: an atypical typical antipsychotic medication
Feb. 4    Cannabis can definitely cause psychosis. Here is the evidence.
Feb. 11   Schizophrenia with ADHD?
Feb. 18   What IS schizoaffective disorder??
Feb. 25   Metformin: a potential treatment for antipsychotic-induced weight gain
March 3  Trauma and psychosis
March 10  Liraglutide: a potential treatment for antipsychotic-induced weight gain
March 17  Psychogenic polydipsia
March 24  Lumateperone: an overview of a promising new drug
March 31   Atypical Hallucinations
April 7       Addressing clozapine-associated sedation
April 14     Depressive disorders
April 21     Tricyclic antidepressants: an overview
April 28    Bipolar disorders
May 5        Lithium: how to use it safely and effectively
May 12     Mood regulation
May 19     Antipsychotics, Anticonvulsants, or Lithium: which one to use in bipolar treatment?
May 26     Neuromodulation: ECT, rTMS, and tDCS explained
June 2      Is lithium neuroprotective?
June 9     Is Haldol neurotoxic?
June 16   Try to avoid these particularly hazardous drug-drug interactions
June 23   Diagnostic overshadowing: the things that can be missed in someone diagnosed with schizophrenia
June 30   Symptom overhadowing: the diagnoses that can be missed when one symptom calls attention to itself
July 7     The MAO inhibitors
July 14    Amantadine
July 21   Biomarkers of psychosis: Can we detect schizophrenia by brain scans or lab tests?
July 28   Nicotine: is it good or bad for people with schizophrenia?
Aug. 4     Exercise effects on symptoms of schizophrenia
Aug. 11   Hyperprolactinemia
Aug. 18   Catatonia
Aug. 25   Memantine
Sept. 1    Psychotherapy
Sept. 8   Antipsychotic dosing
Sept. 15  Schizophrenia lookalikes: NMDA Receptor encephalitis
Sept. 22  Minocycline
Sept. 29  Schizophrenia lookalikes: Hashimoto’s encephalopathy
Oct. 6     Using steroids in the setting of psychosis
Oct. 13    Schizophrenia lookalikes: Celiac disease
Oct. 20   Anticholinergic drugs
Oct. 27   Schizophrenia lookalikes: Lupus
Nov. 3    Lamotrigine
Nov. 10  Schizophrenia lookalikes: Wilson’s disease
Nov. 17   Valproic acid
Nov. 24  Smoking cessation strategies
Dec. 1    Medication-assisted tobacco cessation strategies for people with schizophrenia
Dec. 8   Schizophrenia lookalikes: Porphyria
Dec. 15 Ondansetron

View videos of past SZconsult brief lectures


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