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Presenting a Case

The submission of cases for presentation and discussion or consultation is a key component in the Project ECHO model and critically important for knowledge building and sharing. We welcome cases that involve common clinical scenarios related to diagnosis and care as well as difficult, complex, or challenging presentations and patient management scenarios.

Prior to the presentation

Contact your program’s “hub” coordinator to let him/her know you would like to present a case. Each program has its own system/form for case presentation.
Supply the information requested. Your program’s coordinator will schedule the date once he/she has the details.

During the session

  • Facilitator introduces the case presenter. (“Dr. Jones. You have a case today, please present your case).”
  • Case presenter supplies case details and specific question or ponderings.
  • Case Summary: Facilitator summarizes presentation to be sure he/she understands the general details then asks the case presenter “Did I summarize this case correctly?”
  • Questions and clarifications: Facilitator asks audience what else they would like to know about the patient or situation. (No recommendations for diagnosis or treatment at this point). The case presenter supplies what information is available.
  • Asking for Recommendation: The facilitator asks the group for recommendations.
  • Summary of Recommendations: Finally, the facilitator summarizes recommendations and consensus on diagnosis and treatment plan and invites presenter to represent in the future and sets a tentative date for a follow-up presentation.


After the session

The hub team provides the recommendations in writing after the presentation and asks the presenter if he/she would like to schedule a follow up on the patient.
Example of case presentation

If you have questions, email

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