Northeast Ohio Medical University is committed to the health, economy and quality of life in Northeast Ohio through the medicine, pharmacy and health sciences education of students and practitioners at all levels; the development of new knowledge through research in the biomedical, community health and behavioral sciences; and the provision of community service and wellness education throughout the region.

Located in the center of one of the country’s top health care regions, NEOMED is among nationally-ranked hospitals, research companies and institutions of higher education that are thriving in the health sciences.



3 colleges, 6 research focus areas, 1 education and wellness center


clinical and university faculty


university and college pathway partners


hospital, clinical and pharmacy partners for education and practice opportunities

Patient centered, world class health care

For more than 40 years, NEOMED has worked in collaboration with its educational, clinical and research partners to successfully train health professionals and medical researchers, the majority of whom come from and return to serve in Northeast Ohio. The University trains students in a team-based, interprofessional environment and offers Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) and Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degrees, in addition to master’s and doctoral degrees and research opportunities in other medical areas.


NEOMED and its many academic programs hold accreditation from and have met educational quality standards of accrediting agencies that are specific to their individual disciplines.

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NEOMED’s world-class faculty and staff are an integral part of advancing NEOMED students and the future of health care in Northeast Ohio and beyond.

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Education & Health Care Partners

NEOMED provides outstanding interprofessional training for medical and pharmacy students in partnership with other universities and more than 150 clinical facilities.

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Facts & Figures

NEOMED is committed to training the next generation of physicians, pharmacists and health researchers.

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History & Mission

Since its founding in 1973, NEOMED has been committed to training the next generation of physicians, pharmacists and health researchers.

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University Leadership

NEOMED’s leadership team is dedicated to fulfilling the university’s mission, vision and values and advancing the University’s future.

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Advancing Students through interprofessional education & student scholarships in Northeast Ohio & beyond