Medical School Admissions

Medical School Admission at NEOMED


We aspire to be a national leader in community-centered medicine, recognized for challenging and empowering its students and faculty to be leaders of transformational change to further the health of Ohio communities and address Ohio health care challenges.


The College of Medicine at NEOMED, through education, research and public service inspires medical students to become exemplary patient care centered physicians. We seek to improve the health and quality of life of the communities of Ohio and beyond, including those both diverse and underserved.

Does this sound like your vision for your career as a physician?

Join us in our mission of patient-centered physicians leading tomorrow’s change today at NEOMED.

Find Your Path to Becoming a Doctor

While many of our students focus on primary care in underserved areas, others find themselves equally prepared for specialty areas and are in demand by the world’s best health systems.

Undergraduate Early Assurance

Reserve your seat in medical school as a college sophomore by studying pre-health/pre-medicine at one of our select partner colleges or universities.


Post-Bacc Early Assurance

Build upon your existing bachelor’s degree with distinctive hands-on, co-curricular service and shadowing opportunities and pre-medicine courses at Cleveland State University.


Traditional Admission

If you are interested in applying to medical school after earning your undergraduate or graduate degree; or applying to medical school in your last year before completing your bachelor’s degree.


Transfer to NEOMED

Transfer to NEOMED as a third-year medical school student if you are in good academic standing; and are currently enrolled in medical school; and have passed USMLE Step 1.


Did You Know?

NEOMED offers pathways that introduce medical students to health disparities in rural, urban or underserved settings.

Social Justice

Explore stigma, systemic injustice and social determinants of health, and how the power of language impacts the provision of care in the Social Justice Pathway Program.

Urban  Primary Care

Improve health care for underserved, marginalized, or otherwise socially disadvantaged urban patient populations in the Urban Primary Care Pathway.

Rural Medical Education

Master rural health content, become an advocate for rural health and address rural primary care shortages in the Rural Medical Education Pathway.

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M.D. Curriculum

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Research at NEOMED

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Diverse Student Body, Advancing Health Equity

NEOMED is committed to the enrollment of a student body that display characteristics which will best enable them to practice as integrated providers in the communities of Ohio and beyond, and who work to achieve health equity.


Why the college of medicine at NEOMED?


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