Medical School Admissions

Prior Class Profile

The prior class profile for this pathway are:

Overall GPA

(middle 50%)

Average GPA

(Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Math)

(middle 50%)

Average BCPM


502 – 511

(middle 50%)

Early assurance undergraduate partnership

Application Eligibility Guidelines

Early Assurance application guidelines for prospective students enrolled at one of NEOMED’s network of 9 northeast Ohio colleges/universities are established annually at the beginning of the application cycle and are subject to change annually without prior notice. Future applicants should not assume future criteria will remain the same as currently shown below.

Early Assurance to the NEOMED College of Medicine requires students to secure a nomination from the designated individual or committee on their cooperating campus to pursue early assurance to NEOMED. Interested students are to contact the pre-medical/pre-health advisor at their partner college or university for more information. Nominated candidates for early assurance nomination will also undergo a screening and interview process with NEOMED prior to receiving early assurance privileges. Nominations for early assurance are reviewed and must be approved by the NEOMED Doctor of Medicine admission committee prior to any candidates receiving early assurance privileges.

All early assurance candidates must possess an AAMC ID prior to scheduling interviews with NEOMED. Once in receipt of early assurance privileges for a designated year of matriculation, candidates will apply to NEOMED through AMCAS for the admission cycle associated with the year they intend to matriculate to NEOMED. Candidates will work with their pre-health/pre-medical advisor during their nomination process to select one designated year for intended matriculation to NEOMED. Candidates are expected to meet or exceed all of the NEOMED admission standards to gain admission to NEOMED.

Note: High School grades are not considered for Early Assurance. 

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