Education Research Focus Area

Expanding the Conceptual Base of Educational Research

Grounded in educational, philosophical, behavioral, social and historical theories, the Education Research Focus Area expands the conceptual base of educational research, using multiple methodological approaches in the following areas:

  • Student comprehension, learning and memory
  • Student development and satisfaction
  • Co-curricular student support
  • Faculty/educator development, satisfaction and identity
  • Experience of women and minority students, faculty and staff
  • Educational process, content, context, delivery and philosophy
  • Student-faculty relationship
  • Teaching and pedagogical methods
  • Culture of assessment
  • Humanities education
  • Interprofessional education
  • Experiential and clinical education
  • Multicultural education practice and policy


Michael Appleman, M.A.Ed.
Director, Research Focus Area
Director of Primary Care Education, Department of Family and Community Medicine