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Listed below, in order, are the required steps necessary to be an authorized Facility user:

  1. Facility users must complete the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) required  CITI training modules which are availabl3e on the CITI website ( A passing score of 80 percent is required to pass each module. See “Training for Research Staff, IACUC members and CMU Staff” for an overview of the required CITI training modules and how to access CITI.
  2. Facility users must be listed on an active animal use protocol. This is accomplished by completing a Participant Qualifications form as part of a new protocol submission or by completing an Addition of Personnel form if a protocol has already been approved. The IACUC must review and approve the training of all new research personnel who are being added to protocols. Contact the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator by phone at either ext. 6556 or at 330.325.6556 to request guidance in completing and/or submitting the appropriate form.
  3. A facility orientation and guided tour of the Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU) is required.  Contact the CMU Manager, by phone at either ext. 6557 or at 330.326.6557 or the CMU Office by phone at either ext. 6555 or at 330.325.6555 to arrange a tour.
  4. All health evaluation and safety training requirements must be completed as determined by Northeast Ohio Medical University Occupational Health and Safety Office. Contact the Assistant Dean of EOHS Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) by phone at either ext.6494 or at 330.325.6494 to review your safety training requirements.


Once all four requirements are complete, the IACUC Office will contact the NEOMED Police Department via email to have the requesting individual’s key card upgraded to permit access to the CMU.

For questions regarding facility access or problems with key cards, please contact the CMU Office by phone at ext. 6555 or visit us on campus in Room V-110.


Stanley Dannemiller, D.V.M.
Director, Comparative Medicine Unit
Phone: 330.325.6558

Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU)

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