Pre-Medical & Pre-Pharmacy Programs

NEOMED has a series of enrichment programs for students who are interested in  a career in medicine or pharmacy.

Explore careers in medicine

Who is it for? Students 18 years and older who have graduated high school and are enrolled at a college or university.

What is MEDCAMP? MEDCAMP is a three-day immersive experience designed to stimulate students’ interests in the basic sciences and medicine and to expose them to career opportunities in those fields. The program provides a hands-on experience through biomedical science workshops involving research, clinical problem-solving and an introduction to the field of clinical medicine.


Who is this for? Enrolled college students entering their second year of formal education who have an interest in a health career and a desire to serve those less fortunate in communities that lack appropriate health care.

What is the Area Health Education Center’s Scholars Program? The AHEC Scholars Program invites you to discover interprofessional, team-based education dialogue and experiences to enhance access to quality health care in your community.

The program is designed as a supplement your existing health professionals program to learn interprofessional team-based education with both urban and rural populations in underserved communities.

More on the Scholars Program

Reserve a seat in medical school as an undergraduate college student.

Early Assurance into NEOMED’s College of Medicine.

Explore careers in pharmacy

We offer a variety of ways for you to explore a career in pharmacy.

Explore Pre-pharmacy Programs at NEOMED: Begin your journey to a career in pharmacy.

Would you like to get a head start on your journey to becoming a pharmacist?

NEOMED College of Pharmacy’s Early Assurance Program allows you to do just that.

Eligible high school seniors, first-year college students, and college sophomores are encouraged to apply to our Early Assurance Program to secure their seat in our College of Pharmacy. Accepted candidates will experience such benefits as access to a NEOMED Peer Mentor and invitations to events on campus.

Early assurance for undergraduate students

Early assurance for high school seniors


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