Admitted… Now What?

Congratulations on being admitted to NEOMED. You are on your way to becoming a NEOMED Walking Whale!

Now that you have been admitted, we know that you may be wondering ‘what’s next?’ We have compiled some information and resources below that may help answer questions that you may have and help you get to know the campus and your future classmates. Good luck and let us know how we can help!

Admitted Student Checklist

  1. Choose NEOMED!

    By now, you’ve received your admission letter and are that much closer to becoming an official first-year student at NEOMED. To guarantee your space in your class, make sure you accept your offer and pay your enrollment deposit. The amount of deposit and your submission deadline is embedded in your letter of acceptance. Be sure to follow the Choose Your Medical School AAMC guidelines listed above.

  2. Get Connected.

    Set up your NEOMED email through Office 365. First, navigate to and then enter the email address login and password provided to you in your official NEOMED welcome letter.

  3. Participate in Student Onboarding.

    There are several important steps that must be taken to complete your enrollment at NEOMED and we have developed an online student onboarding program to guide you through the process. Check your NEOMED email account for detailed instructions and get started!

Get Involved

The University boasts more than 70 student organizations, ranging from student government to honor societies to interest groups to social groups. Find the one that fits you most!

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Meet your Classmates

Join the NEOMED Class of 2024 Facebook group to get to know your fellow classmates and get your questions answered.

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Get to know the Faculty

Your professors will help you get the most out of your NEOMED experience. Get to know the faculty, the research teams, and how they are advancing the future of health care.

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Additional Tools & Resources

Choose Your Medical School Tool

2019-2020 Practices

Northeast Ohio Medical University College of Medicine (NEOMED) follows the Application and Acceptance Protocols established by the AAMC.  Specific actions related to the NEOMED Admissions process include:

October 24, 2019 until class is filled

Offers of admission/alternate list placement will begin:  Electronic communication regarding acceptance will be sent.

February 19, 2020

“Plan to Enroll” selection is available until the end of the cycle:  NEOMED highly recommends (but does not require) utilization of this option.  This does help NEOMED (and other medical schools) by allowing us to right-size classes throughout the cycle.  This tool indicates the applicant’s “Top Choice” but he or she may remain active in the admissions process (i.e. can interview, hold other offers and be on other wait lists).

 Medical schools will receive aggregate data detailing how many applicants in their pool have selected “Plan to Enroll” for their school or another school.

April 15, 2020

The AAMC’s Application and Acceptance Protocols recommend that accepted applicants narrow their offers to no more than three (3) medical schools (if applicable).  NEOMED highly recommends (but does not require) that applicants follow this protocol.

April 30, 2020 until end of cycle

“Commit to Enroll” becomes available.  Note that the “Plan to Enroll” selection remains available for admitted applicants and candidates selected from the wait list.

If an applicant “Commits to Enroll”, it indicates that the applicant is committing to matriculate at an institution.  If this is another institution (not NEOMED), the applicant will therefore be removed from our list of deposited candidates, offered candidates and from our wait list.

Beginning April 30, 2020, AMCAS will identify all applicants making “Plan to Enroll” and “Commit to Enroll” selections.  The applicant-specific information will be available to all medical schools where an applicant currently holds an acceptance offer or wait list position.

NEOMED understands there may be important reasons for applicants to continue considering more than one offer, but we expect applicants who have been offered admission to finalize decisions no later than June 15, 2020.

Wait List Acceptance Policy/Protocols

May 1-31, 2020 offers of admission

Applicants will have 5 business days to accept or decline offer

June 1-15, 2020 offers of admission

Applicants will have 3 business days to accept or decline offer

June 15, 2020:

NEOMED will require all accepted students to “Commit to Enroll” or withdraw from our roster of accepted students.  This date is reflective of both the number of pre-matriculation tasks which must be completed by all matriculants prior to the start of orientation and M1 classes as well as the time for our out-of-state candidates to relocate in order to focus on successfully starting medical school.

NOTE:  NEOMED’s M1 year begins with coursework in a summer term that begins in mid-July.

July 1 until end of cycle

Any wait list candidate offered and accepting admission must “Commit to Enroll” at the time of acceptance and remove themselves from consideration at all other medical schools

Summary Considerations

  • When an applicant “Commits to Enroll” at NEOMED, it indicates that the applicant is withdrawing applications from consideration at all other medical schools and committing to matriculate to NEOMED.
  • When an applicant “Commits to Enroll” at another school, it indicates that the applicant is committing to matriculate at another institution and the applicant will be removed from the NEOMED list of offered applicants and from the wait list.
  • Applicants who “Commit to Enroll” at another school will not be offered admission to the NEOMED College of Medicine.

Misplaced Your Admissions Letter?

That’s ok – you can contact the Office of Admission for assistance at 330.325.6270.


In support of public health recommendations related to COVID-19, NEOMED has established work from home practices until at least March 27th. In person and telephone service will not be available. Please email our admissions staff directly with questions:

For admission questions pertaining to the College of Medicine, email

For admission questions pertaining to the College of Pharmacy, email

For questions pertaining to all in-person interview dates, email

Thank you.