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Advance the commercial prospects for your biotechnology innovation at the Research, Entrepreneurship, Discovery and Innovation Zone (REDIzone) business incubator at NEOMED!

Comprehensive in scope, the REDIzone business incubator is supporting regional life science entrepreneurs and early-stage biomedical companies with resources available through NEOMED and the Northeast Ohio Startup Network:

  • Desiring an ideal combination of lab and administrative spaces? NEOMED’s facilities are state-of-the-art.
  • Seeking capital? Investigate, and gain access to, regional funding resources
  • Looking for new connections? Enhance your business as you develop public and private sector relationships.
  • In need of expert guidance? Our world-class scientists are waiting to collaborate with you.

Charting Our Success

Our clients are participating in the exciting medical technology growth happening in Northeast Ohio while improving health care worldwide, energizing the regional economy, and enhancing the research mission of NEOMED. 

BioMendics, LLC® is dedicated to the treatment of rare genetic skin disorders, acute wounds, burns, antibiotics, and inflammatory skin conditions. The company’s lead product, TolaSure, is a patented topical gel containing small-molecule liquid crystals that help promote all phases of the healing process.

Crystal Diagnostics was born out of a research partnership with Kent State University and Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED). The company’s mission is to bring new technology solutions to food pathogen detection advancing automation through use of liquid crystal technology.

Gateway Biotechnology has been developing drug candidates with proven safety records to combat hearing disorders. An innovative approach, grounded in a deep understanding of basic mechanisms underlying hearing loss, targets multiple cellular pathways with new product formulations that fine-tune drug delivery to the ear.

Ohan Cardiovascular Innovations (OHCVI) focuses on providing non-GLP studies while implementing the highest standard of quality services. Streamlined protocols, established techniques, and targeted efficiency allow them to conduct preclinical research for clients around the world.

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Orange hallways mark the REDIzone space at NEOMED.

About the REDIzone

The REDIzone life science business incubator stimulates Research, Entrepreneurship, Discovery and Innovation to promote economic growth and improve health care outcomes worldwide.


A REDIzone laboratory on the NEOMED campus.

Facilities & Resources

Comprehensive in scope, we support regional medtech entrepreneurs and early-stage biomedical companies by leveraging NEOMED’s vast research infrastructure and capabilities to accelerate your growth.


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Pharmaceutical Proof of Concept Center

The Center supports small- to medium-sized drug development companies in accelerating their therapies toward human clinical trials.


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