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How the NEOMED learning experience Creates Transformational Leaders

Creating Transformational LeadersFounded because the Northeast Ohio community had a shortage of doctors ― particularly those who were educated in and were from the area ― NEOMED has always believed that knowledge is power. As shown through our flame that rises above the pages of a book ― our health sciences kindle thought leadership and provide our students with exceptional experiences from which they evolve into health professionals. Those students emerge as leaders who move on to do amazing things, treating and teaching others from diverse communities all over the world, and giving them compassionate care and information, so patients can live healthier lives.

The NEOMED learning experience is designed to ensure that our continuum of care becomes a position of strength.


This is accomplished in many ways, but with particular interest in three main areas: professional and personal development; reflective practice and patient-care experiences; and team-based learning and interdependence. While the results are evident throughout the U.S. with many NEOMED graduates in leadership positions, we need to make sure that our positions of strength remain relevant and sustainable as differentiators that bring positive change to medical education and care. Medical education needs to change. The two facets — basic and clinical sciences — are no longer enough to properly prepare health professionals to meet the needs of patients. A medical university’s competencies — education, research and service — are also not enough.

Health care is in a state of flux with the pursuit of the quadruple aim: patient experience, improved health, lowering costs of health care and reducing clinician and staff burnout. Health care’s operational model stands to be flipped before practitioners and administrators are trained to understand what it means.

From strength-based methods of change to analytics and coding, a third facet of training which doubles as a fourth organizational competency is needed: Leadership training in the business of health care.

We’re in a good place though. NEOMED alumni, faculty and staff already provide care, share knowledge and advance science ― transforming medical education and practice. And with NEOMED’s expressed focus areas which include Exceptional Experience; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Leadership; and People; our work will be sustainable as we are committed to diversity, innovation and collaboration in the way we teach and learn medical education, and in the way we practice and experience health care.

This is why we are #CreatingTransformationalLeaders. This is who we are.


Alumni and faculty who are changing the health professions

  • A woman with her hands crossed.

    Petrea Cober

    My Gracious

    The expression “my gracious” — a combination of concern and knowledge wrapped in a blanket of hope and kindness — aptly describes the work of Petrea Cober, Pharm.D.
  •  James Kravec, M.D.

    James Kravec

    The Doctor in the City of YOU

    James Kravec, M.D., is helping to lead the resurgency in his hometown of Youngstown.
  • Dr. Tom Vo.

    Tom Vo

    Scaling Innovation and Manifesting Happiness

    Tom Vo, M.D., is building Nutex Health in a way that extends its physicians' careers by 10-15 years.
  • Tom File, M.D.

    Thomas File

    Mentors and Moments

    For Tom File, M.D., the path to an esteemed career in infectious diseases was lit by mentors and moments.
  • Dr. Serpil Erzurum.

    Michelle Cudnik

    The Interprofessionalist

    Michelle Cudnik, Pharm. D., BCACP, shares her best interprofessional experience ever.
  • Dr. Donald Malone Jr.

    Gary Pinta

    The Pricelessness of Primary Care

    When the president of Pioneer Physicians Network, Gary Pinta, M.D., talks about his practice, he first stresses his physician-owners’ “passion for primary care.”


Three NEOMED initiatives that are Creating Transformational Leaders

Three medical professionals look at a lab sample.

Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science

Develop your professionalism and leadership skills while advancing your knowledge of health systems science in our Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science program. You will learn to analyze the way care is delivered within a health care organization to improve patient care and maximize health.

Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D., Ph.D., one of the VITALS speakers in 2022.

‘VITALS,’ our thought-leader speaker series

For VITALS, we give health care thought leaders 17 minutes — the average duration of a physician-patient visit — to engage medical professionals and students on any of the VITALS topics: Value-based, Innovation, Technology, Advocacy, Leadership, Service. The monthly talks are free and open to all. Continuing education credits are available.

An entrepreneurial student pitching his product concept during a Bench to Bedside event.

NEOVATIONS Bench to Bedside

NEOvations Bench to Bedside, our medical innovation and entrepreneurship program, provides the perfect conduit for participants to bring innovative medical solutions from concept to commercialization.

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