Critical Thinkers, Innovators &  Community Leaders

The College of Graduate Studies at NEOMED and its programs are designed to enhance the critical thinking, curiosity and innovation of scientists, researchers, teachers, community leaders and practitioners who will apply these skills to bring about positive change in their respective fields of health care.

Why The College of Graduate Studies?


  • degree programs & certificates


  • dual degrees


  • credits required for the Bioethics Certificate


  • sq. ft. state-of-the-art research facility

Advancing Innovation & Research, & Population Health

The College of Graduate Studies provides career paths in bioethics, public and community health; health-system administration; medical ethics and humanities; integrated pharmaceutical medicine concerned with the discovery, development, delivery, and evaluation of drug entities.

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Experienced Faculty

All Graduate Studies faculty also teach in the Colleges of Medicine or Pharmacy.

The advantage is that faculty come from both the College of Medicine and the College of Pharmacy, with a diverse group of researchers.

– Matthew Smith, Ph.D. (’17), Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine Program

Matthew Smith, Ph.D.