Basic and Translational Biomedicine

Innovation Track

Developing innovators in health care and engineering

In the Master of Science in Basic and Translational Biomedicine Innovation Track (referred to as Innovation Track), you will develop innovative solutions to unmet medical needs and prepare them for commercial markets. With a focus on medical device innovation, this program offers a unique blend of drug discovery, therapeutics and research methods that are critical to solving clinical problems.

You’ll start by shadowing at partner hospitals and working with health care workers to gain a deep understanding of the challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers. You’ll then dive into the process of creating and developing concepts using various tools, down-selecting ideas via screening methods, and implementing your solutions as viable prototypes with tangible business models.
Through this hands-on approach, you’ll develop practical skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and product development.

Patents and partnerships

We support our students in every step of the journey. That’s why we encourage students to patent their inventions, and we provide opportunities to work with mentors and entrepreneurial partners to pursue commercialization.

Topics addressed:

  • medical device development,
  • drug discovery,
  • the FDA and regulatory approval,
  • reimbursement,
  • prototype fabrication,
  • validation testing,
  • commercialization,
  • research methods and
  • clinical trials.

Who is this degree for?

The Innovation Track is ideal for:

  • Pre-medical students who are seeking a better chance of getting into their medical school of choice could differentiate themselves from other candidates.
  • Medical students for whom a gap year could diversify their experiences to strengthen their residency options.
  • Engineering or science students who are going into industry will boost their income potential with a one-year master’s degree — more tools to use in their future career path.
  • Business and legal professionals who are involved with healthcare innovation will benefit from this hands-on experience.

Exceptional Hands-on Experience

You will be provided individualized training in the MEDIC Innovation Lab, which provides the tools and equipment for designing, developing and testing medical device prototypes.

Project Ideas

Projects vary from year-to-year and depend on the uniqueness of the shadowing experience. You may also bring their own ideas to unmet needs to the class or consideration. Examples include:

  • Novel approaches to measuring hypertension and other vitals in a compact instrument
  • Combined Intramedullary Nail and Lateral Plate Construct with One Aiming Arm
  • Loop electrosurgical excision tool add-on for suction and irrigation
  • NG/NJ Tube Securement Device
  • Origami Spine Device for custom spinal implant solutions
  • Acute management of agitation pen – drug management device
  • AirBiopsy – biopsy collection device

Innovation Track (Non-research Intensive)

Application Deadline

Early Deadline: May 1
Final Deadline: June 1

Prerequisite Courses

No prerequisite courses

Entry Term

Fall Semester



Program Length

1 year

Credit Hours

30 credits. See courses

Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university.
  • An undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0
  • Candidates interested in professional school enrollment following potential BTB degree completion must submit appropriate test scores related to professional school admission process (e.g. MCAT).
  • Up-to-date licensure, in the case of practicing professionals
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV) containing contact information, education, employment, scholarly activities, and licensure (if applicable).
  • Personal statement explaining why you wish to pursue the Master of Science in Basic and Translational Biomedicine-Innovation Track and how this program of study would further your professional goals (1,500 words maximum)
  • Official transcripts from all institutions where you have been enrolled (includes undergraduate and graduate courses).
  • A minimum of one (1) recommendation/evaluation (must be submitted through the application system).



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