Programs of Study

Anesthesiologist Assistant

The Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia (M.M.Sc.A.) program provides students with the didactic, clinical, and simulation education required to deliver safe, patient-centered anesthetic care as a Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant (CAA). The NEOMED M.M.Sc.A. program uses state-of-the-art, high-fidelity simulation, an innovative didactic curriculum and hands-on clinical experiences to ensure students are equipped to provide a superb anesthesia experience for patients across the country.


Health Systems Science

Develop your professionalism and leadership skills while advancing your knowledge of health systems science in the Master of Leadership in Health Systems Science (M.L.H.S.S.) program. Students in this program learn to analyze the way care is delivered within a health care organization to improve patient care and maximize health.


Basic and Translational Biomedicine

The Basic and Translational Biomedicine (BTB) Graduate Program is designed to educate and develop students into leading independent scientists and scholars who can effectively pursue career opportunities in academia, industries, healthcare, and government agencies. The program offers highly innovative training opportunities with nationally and internationally recognized faculty in multiple areas of translational medical sciences. Students are trained through an integrated curriculum with a unique perspective on disease mechanisms and targets for therapeutic interventions.


Foundations of Medicine

The Foundations of Medicine program is designed to train the next generation of healthcare professionals and anatomy educators through hands-on experience in both a classroom and research setting. Students who pursue this course of study will integrate traditional anatomical study with modern medical technology. Graduates are prepared for further professional study in the field of healthcare, teaching positions in anatomical sciences, research positions, or doctoral programs.

Foundations of Medicine

Global Health & Innovation

The goal of the Global Health & Innovation program is to create future leaders in global and underserved health who overcome existing challenges through unconventional and innovative solutions that transform health care in resource-limited settings. This certificate program is ideally suited for students who are independent, critical thinkers, not afraid to challenge and improve the current health system.

Global health & innovation

Health Research

The Health Research Graduate Certificate provides students with an opportunity to enhance their professional education or to serve as a pathway toward graduate education in health sciences. Students who enroll in this certificate are exposed to essential research knowledge and training, competitive skills useful for recruitment in post-graduate programs (i.e. residency), and early career grant funding. Students will refine their research interests, gain exposure to new research methods and technologies, develop their leadership skills, and help them identify potential career opportunities in clinical, academic, or industry settings where research fluency is increasingly applied and sought after. This 10-credit program can be completed in as few as two semesters or while students are enrolled in other graduate or professional programs.


Medical Ethics & Humanities

Students in the Medical Ethics and Humanities Master of Arts (M.A.) or graduate certificate program will learn to critically examine issues and values relevant to healthcare delivery, research and the healthcare organization. This course of study is ideal for busy medical professionals and students pursuing clinical and community-based work. Students who pursue this course of study will emerge prepared to make ethical decisions while considering the values of patients, families and practitioners as well as legal implications and medical board requirements.


Public Health

The Master of Public Health program at NEOMED is a nontraditional program geared toward the working professional who would like to broaden their role in improving community health, enhance current job skills, or seek career advancement.


Biomedical Sciences

In partnership with Kent State University, the biomedical sciences degree program promotes research and education in the biomedical disciplines. Individuals in the program have the opportunity to carry out their research with scientists at NEOMED. Faculty research focuses on most aspects of biomedicine ranging from molecular, to cellular and organismal levels of biological organization.



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