Basic and Translational Biomedicine


Innovation Track – Basic and Translational Biomedicine

M.S. Innovation Track Program Description

The goal of the M.S. Innovation Track is designed to provide pre-med and medical students, newly graduated engineers and scientists, and other health care-focused business professionals with a training in medical device innovation and commercialization.

The program also provides courses in drug discovery, research and clinical trials, responsible conduct of research, animal and lab safety training, and proposal writing. The curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded foundation for those preparing for a career in healthcare or medical device development.

Several of the courses are hands-on and involve working with clinicians, engineers, and translational scientists to identify and satisfy unmet needs. Students will develop an understanding of the driving forces behind innovation in healthcare systems, explore and filter solutions against regulatory, intellectual property, and business considerations, then build and test prototypes against their assumptions. Finally, a business strategy will be developed that culminates in a presentation of a prototype and business plan to a community of peers, mentors, clinicians, and business experts.

The MEDIC Innovation Lab at NEOMED will be used to teach prototyping skills and assist students with developing and testing their projects. Those students that intend to commercialize their project after program completion will be coached to locate suitable resources and identify next steps.

Innovation Track Curriculum Credit Hours
BMS 60404 Research Methods 3
BMS 60401 Drug Discovery, Development, & Approval 3
BMS 60414 BioInnovation I 3
RES 60497 Research 5
DATA 60408 Statistical Methodology in the Biomedical Sciences 3
BMS 60303 Research Writing for Scholarship 3
BMS 60301 Responsible Conduct of Research 1
BMS 60415 BioInnovation II 3
RES 60497 Research 5
RES 60497 Research 1
Total Credits 30

Course descriptions

Course descriptions for the Basic and Translational Biomedicine program can be found in the current edition of the NEOMED Compass, the University’s catalog and student handbook.


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