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Graduate Studies Admissions at NEOMED

The College of Graduate studies offers master’s and doctoral degree programs, and certificate programs through the University and in partnership with our partners.

Medical Ethics & Humanities Certificate


This nine credit program, which can be achieved in nine months to two years, is ideal for the busy student or health care professional who wishes to combine clinical practice with ethics consultation, education and research.


  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Exhibit a strong desire to enroll in ethics and humanities coursework


*Curriculum will remain unaltered.

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Biomedical Sciences

In partnership with Kent State University, the biomedical sciences degree program is designed to promote research and education in the biomedical disciplines. Individuals in the program have the opportunity to carry out their research with scientists at NEOMED.

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Health-System Pharmacy Administration Degree Program

The health-system pharmacy administration degree program offers two tracks: a combined Master of Science (M.S.) degree/residency or an M.S. degree only. Both tracks are designed for individuals who wish to build on their professional competence and enable them to manage complex health-system pharmacy departments at the institutional and department levels.


  • Pharm.D. degree required
  • Be a licensed pharmacist OR be eligible for licensure
  • Required three years of practice experience for M.S. degree only students.
  • Minimum 2.75 undergraduate GPA or submit an acceptable GMAT score


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Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine Degree program

The main objective of the integrated pharmaceutical medicine degree program is to educate and develop first-rate scholars and independent investigators  within an integrated curriculum. Graduates of this program will have a unique perspective on the linkage of pharmaceutical sciences to medical disciplines, especially with regard to disease mechanisms and targets for therapeutic interventions.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in chemistry, biochemistry, any of the biological sciences, or related areas is required OR
  • a combination of majors such as for a pre-pharmacy or pre-medicine baccalaureate
  • Minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA AND/OR
  • Minimum 3.3 graduate GPA


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Master of Arts in Medical Ethics & Humanities

Culminating in a master of arts degree, the 32 credit hour medical ethics and humanities program offers two tracks based on students’ interests and career paths: medical ethics with an emphasis on clinical ethics, or the medical humanities.


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) from an accredited college or university
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Up to date licensure, in the case of practicing professionals


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Masters Of Public Health Degree Program

This program provides graduates with a foundation of public health skills and knowledge, including analytic skills, research strategies, community assessment methods, program implementation, evaluation and policy development within an ethical and culturally sensitive perspective.


  • Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. accredited college or university required
  • Minimum 2.75 undergraduate GPA OR
  • Minimum 3.0 graduate GPA AND an acceptable GRE score


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