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Administrative Policy: Academic

COGS – Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing

Policy Number: 3349-AC-375
Effective Date: 09/11/2014
Updated: 02/15/2022
Responsible Department: College of Graduate Studies
Applies To: COGS Students

A. Purpose

To establish the standards for transferring credits taken at another accredited university in the College of Graduate Studies (COGS).

B. Scope

The scope of this policy includes all students enrolled in any degree or certificate programs in the COGS.

C. Definitions

  1. “Transfer Credit” refers to credit awarded by the University for course work earned at another accredited university or nationally recognized professional organization.
  2. “Advanced Standing” refers to students who intend to substitute courses in the standardized COGS curriculum by applying course work earned at another accredited university or nationally recognized professional organization in academic year blocks of credit.

D. Body of Policy

  1. Master’s Degree Transfer Credits
    1. If graduate credit earned at another accredited institution constitutes a logical part of the student’s program, transfer of credit may be accepted by the COGS.
    2. The student must have his/her Advisor and Program Director recommend the credit transfer, and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies must approve of the transfer in writing.
    3. Credit transfers cannot exceed six (6) semester hours for programs requiring fewer than forty (40) semester credits. A maximum of nine (9) semester credits may be accepted in transfer for programs requiring forty (40) or more semester credits, pending Dean’s approval.
    4. No grade below a “B” may be transferred.
    5. The courses to be transferred may not have been used in a degree program at another institution.
    6. Credit awarded by NEOMED for course work earned at another accredited university is recorded on the transcript with a “T” grade, which has no impact on the student’s grade point average.
    7. All requests for transfer credit, with accompanying official transcripts, must be submitted to the program director no later than a full semester prior to the student’s expected graduation date.
    8. Transfer credit and advanced standing may not be applied toward the fulfillment of those programs that require all students to enroll and follow an integrated and standardized course curriculum designed to train health professionals (e.g., Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia Program).
  2. Dual-Degree Transfer Credit

Students enrolled in a NEOMED professional program (medicine or pharmacy) who elect to enroll in the COGS in order to attain a doctoral degree may dually count a maximum of thirty percent (30%) (27 credits) of approved NEOMED professional level course work toward fulfillment of the ninety (90) credit hour requirement of the doctoral program. A minimum of seventy percent (70%) of the credits counted toward the credit hour requirement for the doctorate degree must be unique to that degree and cannot be used for dual credit. All other respective degree requirements must be completed independently.

  1. Master’s Degree Transfer Credit to a Doctoral Degree
    A student who has completed a Master’s degree with a thesis track in the Integrated Pharmaceutical Medicine (IPM) program can apply to the doctorate program. Successful completion of the Master’s thesis is required for matriculation to the Doctoral program. If admitted, the student may use course credit earned in the pursuit of the Master’s degree toward the Doctoral Degree.
  1. Pharmacy Leadership Academy Program
    Approved course work from the Pharmacy Leadership Academy (PLA) program may be applied toward fulfillment of program requirements in the Master of Science in Health System Pharmacy Administration (HSPA). Students who have successfully completed the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Pharmacy Leadership Academy program can receive course waivers for up to five (5) credits.
  2. Transfer Credit Appeal Process
    The transfer credit appeal process is set forth in the Transfer Credit Appeal Policy 3349 AC-253.


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