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Learn more about how tuition and other revenue is used at NEOMED.

Tuition at NEOMED

NEOMED is required by Federal regulations to develop standard Cost of Attendance budgets that include direct educational expenses (such as tuition, fees, books and supplies) and indirect educational expenses (such as room and board, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses). The budget indicates the maximum amount of financial aid a student may receive for a given academic year.

Determining the student budget is a collaborative effort and includes data from multiple University offices, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and student expense surveys.

The Cost of Attendance budgets are subject to change without notice. The budget reflected for students enrolled in a College of Graduate Studies program reflect an estimated enrollment. Individual budgets may reflect differently based on the number of credits registered for in a given academic year.

2018-2019 Tuition & Fees

This is a projection of costs to attend NEOMED for both residents and non-residents.

Budget Adjustment

In some cases a student’s budget can be increased due to extraordinary circumstances. Any student who experiences  a hardship should consult the Office of Financial Aid to see if a budget adjustment can be granted based on their circumstance. Students should thoroughly review the policy and complete the appeals form. The policy and request form can be located in the financial aid resource library.

State Residency Reclassification

Students admitted as a non-state resident have the ability to apply for a change in residency status for tuition purposes. Interested students can visit the Ohio Residency Reclassification website or contact the Registrar’s Office at to learn more about the appeals process.

Tuition and Fee Charges

The NEOMED Accounting Office will assess tuition and fee charges to student’s accounts at the start of each payment period. Students enrolled in the professional program are assessed instructional fees based on a flat rate. Students enrolled in the College of Graduate studies will be assessed tuition and fees based on the number of credits they are registered for.

Information on tuition and fee charges, payment options and due dates is available on the Accounting Department’s website.

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