Financial Aid

Establishment of the Cost of Attendance

To determine your aid eligibility, the Office of Financial Aid determines what is costs to attend the University for a given year. We take billable education expenses (tuition and mandatory fees) and add them to estimated non-billable education expenses (books, technology, supplies, transportation, credentialing, housing, and personal expenses). The result is a standard academic year’s Cost of Attendance for a full-time and part-time student.

We establish a Cost of Attendance for each status: Ohio Resident students living on or off campus, Ohio Resident living with parent; Non-Ohio Resident. Actual expenses may be more or less than the average estimates used. In addition, your Cost of Attendance may differ than what is presented, depending on the Federal Direct loan funds you may borrow. Students not electing to borrow a Federal Direct Loan will see the loan fee deducted from their overall Cost of Attendance.

Students may use financial aid to pay for non-billable education expenses. Since these costs are not billed by the University (with the exception of medical insurance when purchased through the University) students may create their individual budget in order to determine how much financial aid will be needed to cover non-billable education expenses.  Students relying on financial aid to assist with these expenses need to factor them into the amount of financial aid that is accepted. Financial aid that is accepted in an amount that is greater than the amount owed to the University for billable items will be refunded to students through a Credit Balance Refund. Students will then manage the refund to pay for non-billable education expenses.  Financial aid is available to assist students with non-billable education expenses; it is possible that aid will not cover every expense an individual has while they are a student.

Students who are experiencing extraordinary financial hardships are encouraged to review the Establishment of and Revisions to the Cost of Attendance Policy and, if eligible, complete the Request for a Budget Adjustment Application.


NEOMED Financial Aid
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