Attend Pharmacy School

Early Assurance as an Undergraduate Student

Secure a seat in pharmacy school as a college freshman or sophomore

Interested in becoming a pharmacist and want to secure your seat in pharmacy school as soon as possible? Apply to NEOMED during your first or second year of undergraduate study (freshmen or sophomore years). In doing so, you can have a reserved seat awaiting you in NEOMED’s College of Pharmacy upon completion of required coursework at the undergraduate institution.

This path open to students from most any community college, college or university seeking to complete only the prerequisite courses (60 credit hours) or complete a four-year degree. Early Assurance is a great alternative for students looking for some curricular flexibility while still having the benefit of a reserved seat in pharmacy school rather than being locked into a 0 – 6 program.

TIP: If you are a college junior or senior, use our traditional pathway to apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Who Should Apply?

The Early Assurance pathway to pharmacy school at NEOMED for undergraduate students is designed for those who know they wish to pursue a career in pharmacy by obtaining their PharmD degrees. Successful candidates may benefit from reserving a seat in pharmacy school and having access to exclusive mentorship opportunities. Students that have been enrolled at an undergraduate college or university for at least one semester following high school graduation and who have established a GPA by completing at least one semester of college coursework are encouraged to apply. Our typical applicants include:

  • Students committed to pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree through a clear and easy-to-understand path;
  • Students with a strong interest in attending NEOMED;
  • First or second year college students who have some experience with the pharmacy profession through a co-curricular program such as NEOMED’s Pathways to Pharmacy, have shadowed a pharmacist, or work as a pharmacy technician.
New! Kent State University students may now elect a new 3+4 option where they earn a B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration, while they complete their first year of study at NEOMED though the early assurance program.Questions about Kent State University Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry Concentration Northeastern Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) Doctor of Pharmacy Program can be directed to Enrollment Management Academic Partnerships:

Application Eligibility Guidelines

Candidates for early assurance should:

  • Apply by June 1 of their first-year (freshman) or sophomore year of undergraduate study  with intent to enroll at NEOMED after at least one additional year of study for a 3+4 enrollment model or two additional years of study for a 4+4 program of study. (Students seeking admission for the upcoming fall should simply apply to NEOMED for admission using PharmCAS.)
  • Must have an established college GPA of at least 3.2 as determined by PharmCAS standards. (First Year students new to college in the fall should wait until fall grades are received to apply.)
  • Have no grade lower than a “C” in any math, biology or chemistry course completed to date; Repeated courses second grade is considered

Required Application Materials

Each undergraduate early assurance pharmacy applicants should:

  • Complete the PharmDirect application
  • Complete a successful candidate interview at NEOMED. Interviews are by invitation only.

Promotion Requirements

Upon acceptance early assurance, students will have a seat reserved for them as a first-year pharmacy student at NEOMED. These students will matriculate to NEOMED if all promotion requirements, subject to additional professional behavior guidelines, are met.

The College of Pharmacy requires that students granted early assurance to the Pharm.D. program must:

  • Apply via PharmCAS by October 1st the year prior to the August you wish to start your PharmD at NEOMED.
  • Continue to attend their undergraduate college or university and complete all required prerequisite coursework
  • Maintain a minimum of a C grade or higher in all required prerequisite coursework, College Credit Plus and AP work may be used if determined acceptable by an undergraduate institution where credit is awarded.
  • Have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.2
  • Have a Science GPA of at least 3.2
  • Engage in co-curricular programs with the NEOMED College of Pharmacy as deemed appropriate by the NEOMED Coordinator of Pipeline Programs.

The College of Pharmacy Admission Committee will annually determine if a student will be admitted upon early Decision application. Early Assurance for the College of Pharmacy is non-binding to NEOMED, however candidates must apply through the PharmCAS Early Decision plan to use their early assurance for their desired term of admission .

Important Dates

  • June 3, 2024: PharmDirect Application deadline


Apply Using PharmDirect

Questions? Send a message to and we will be happy to assist.