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30% of pharmacy courses are offered through active learning exercises

The College of Pharmacy at NEOMED offers an innovative and interprofessional curriculum that blends classroom and practice experiences to give graduates the knowledge, skills and professionalism that is necessary to succeed as pharmacists.

Central themes build a foundation

The curriculum is organized to give each year a central theme that serves as a foundation for each successive year. Courses are developed and integrated to establish the annual theme to allow students to learn information in the classroom, apply that knowledge and practice pharmacy skills in experiential sites.

Year 1 Theme: Dosage Forms

The year one theme of dosage forms provide students with knowledge and experience to:

  1. select appropriate dosage forms for a given situation,
  2. research the availability of dosage forms, and
  3. compound individualized dosage forms.


A series of foundational science courses during the year provide a strong base on which to build pharmacy knowledge. Students will also be exposed to various pharmacy practice settings (chain, independent, hospital and specialty settings, etc).

Year 2 Theme: Medication Use System

The year two theme of medication use systems provides knowledge and insight into managing pharmacy duties and personnel, dispensing medications safely and recognizing the importance of pharmacology, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics when selecting the correct dosage regimen and formulation for a patient. Students will utilize this knowledge during practice site visits and become certified in several skills, including administering immunizations and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services. Interaction with medicine students will continue with a comprehensive self-directed interprofessional team project.

Year 3 Theme: Patient Safety

The year three theme of patient safety provides students an understanding of existing federal laws and their application in the practice setting, and further develops the knowledge and skills needed to design the optimal therapeutic regimen for a disease or situation, and to monitor and report less than optimal outcomes based on the best available evidence. Experiences in class and in practice settings in year three prepares students to enter full-time patient contact in year four where they will share in the care of, and decisions concerning patients.

Year 4 Theme: Patient-centered Care

The year four theme of patient-centered care provides and extensive exposure to direct patient care at ambulatory care, acute care, community pharmacy and health-system pharmacy settings in which students influence the decision-making and outcomes of therapeutic management of disease conditions. The fourth year ends with a Pharmacy Capstone designed to assist students with the transition to becoming licensed pharmacists and the next stages of their professional lives.


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