Pharmacy Residency Programs

Residency Programs

A pharmacy residency will allow you to apply everything you’ve learned during your pharmacy education to patients, situations and settings. You will experience in-depth patient-centered care, develop leadership skills, provide patient/student education and training, strengthen your project management skills and engage in research.

It will also give you a competitive advantage when searching for a job and a broader professional network of peers and mentors.


Through the Pharmacy Practice Residency Program, practitioners will strengthen their clinical expertise, enhance their leadership and project-management skills, engage in research and play a role in educating future pharmacists.

Did you know?

Our 2023 PGY-1 match rate was 94.4%, the highest in Ohio and eighth highest in nation (national average 82%)

 PGY2 Internal Medicine Residency Programs

NEOMED offers two options for post-graduate year-two (PGY2) residency programs. Residents in the ambulatory care program will develop professional relationships with multiple health care providers in an underserved setting. The internal medicine residency focuses on academic administration, research, experiences in academic pharmacy, and leadership and project management skills.

Did you know?

Our 2023 PGY-2 match rate was 90%, with our residents going into critical care, ambulatory care, psychiatry and infectious disease.

Why choose a pharmacy residency?

You will:

  • develop clinical expertise,
  • enhance leadership & project management skills,
  • engage in research,
  • directly affect patient care and
  • provide educational opportunities through our Teaching and Learning Curriculum Program (available for all residency programs)

Pharmacy Residency Programs

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