Pharmacy School Curriculum


The College of Pharmacy at NEOMED is comprised of two departments—pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.

The departments’ faculty and staff members are dedicated to the delivery of a unique interprofessional curriculum and preparing its students to emerge as exceptional pharmacist patient-care providers.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences strives to create and communicate knowledge through competent and integrated world-class pharmaceutical and biomedical research. Our discoveries will promote our understanding of disease processes, allow us to develop new therapies, and commit us to innovative community-directed education of professional and graduate students with the character to become caring pharmacists and physicians, and excellent scientists and teachers.

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Pharmacy Practice

The Department of Pharmacy Practice provides students with an innovative approach to learning. Our mission is to advance the practice of pharmacy through the interprofessional education of exceptional and well-rounded pharmacists who will deliver optimal patient care.

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Departments in the College of Medicine

The College of Medicine at NEOMED is comprised of 13 departments.

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