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innovating & expanding the breadth and depth of future pharmacists

Founded in 2005,the College of Pharmacy at NEOMED offers the only four-year Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) program in eastern Ohio. The College is dedicated to interprofessional health care education and research — pharmacy and medicine students learning together. We graduate pharmacy professionals who proactively integrate into the health care team to collaboratively advance and deliver optimal patient care. The College also provides pharmacy residency education and teaching certificate programs.

Meet the Dean

I believe each student comes to pharmacy school with a dream. I went to pharmacy school because I had a dream of making the world a healthier, better, place. We invite you to explore and see why the College of Pharmacy at NEOMED is like no other. It’s the place to ignite your dream.

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Mission, Vision & Values

The College of Pharmacy prepares highly skilled pharmacists who play an indispensable role in a team-oriented approach to patient care and medication management services.

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