Prerequisite Coursework

Building the foundation for your future in pharmacy school

All students interested in obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at NEOMED are required to take pre-professional courses to build a strong education foundation prior to entering pharmacy school. These courses are designed to aid future pharmacists of the role they will play as health care providers in a culturally diverse society and will prepare students for successful completion of the pharmacy curriculum at NEOMED.

Required Pre-professional Courses Semester Hours Quarter Hours
Biology and Other Life Sciences Sequence (with lab) 8 12
Inorganic Chemistry Sequence (with lab) 8 12
Organic Chemistry Sequence (with lab) 8 12
General Physics Sequence 6 9
Biochemistry Sequence 6 9
Calculus 3 4
Statistics 3 4
Economics 3 4
Literature or Composition 6 9
Speech or Communication 3 4
Psychology 3 4
*General Education and/or Additional Science 15 22
Total 72 105

*General Education and/or additional science courses are defined as humanities, social science, business, computer literacy, and additional coursework in the other prerequisite categories.  A course can be used only once to fulfill a prerequisite. 

If, for example, a student takes a four credit hour Communications course to fulfill the three credit hour Communications requirement, the extra one credit hour may be carried over toward fulfilling the General Education requirement. 

Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology are acceptable substitutions for up to three credit hours of the Biochemistry requirement

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