Prerequisite Coursework

Building the foundation for your future in pharmacy school

All students interested in obtaining a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at NEOMED are required to take pre-professional courses to build a strong education foundation prior to entering pharmacy school — a bachelor’s degree is not required These courses are designed to aid future pharmacists in the role they will play as health care providers in a culturally diverse society and to prepare students for successful completion of the pharmacy curriculum at NEOMED.

NEOMED’s College of Pharmacy curriculum is changing for fall 2019. The former course equivalency guides for the many colleges and universities in northeast Ohio are undergoing collaborative revision process that is anticipated to take the next year or so.

NEOMED staff are not familiar with the curricular details of other colleges and universities programs and we do not have the ability to make advising recommendations related to other institutions coursework. We encourage candidates to meet with their pre-health advisors at their undergraduate institutions and follow their recommended pre-health/pre-medical academic tracks.

In general, pre-requisite classes should be selected from coursework required for students majoring in areas of scientific study leading to bachelor’s degrees and /or professional pre-health programs such as medical school. Applied coursework designed for other health professions and introductory survey coursework for non-science majors is generally not the best choice for preparation.

Many future students ask whether they are better prepared to begin pharmacy school by completing only the pre-requisite courses or finishing a bachelor’s degree. The answer is that there is no right or wrong answer. Many factors including overall background, personal maturity, and readiness for professional education can be factors.

The prerequisite requirements below are in effect for students applying in the 2018-2019 application cycle and beyond. 

Required Pre-professional Courses (Semester Hours) Entering Fall 2019 and beyond
Anatomy & Physiology course  3
Microbiology course  3
Biology and Other Life Sciences Sequence (courses with labs)  8
Inorganic (General) Chemistry Sequence (courses with labs)  8
Organic Chemistry Sequence (courses with labs)  8
General Physics course  3
Biochemistry course  3
Calculus course  3
Statistics course (medical statistics recommended)  3
English Composition Sequence*  6
General Education and/or Additional Science**  15
Total  63

Literature courses that are not composition-based will not be accepted for this requirement, though they can still be used to fulfill the General Education requirement.

** General Education and/or additional science courses are defined as humanities, social science, business, computer literacy, and additional coursework in the other prerequisite categories.  A course can be used only once to fulfill a prerequisite. If, for example, a student takes a four credit hour Communications course to fulfill the three credit hour Communications requirement, the extra one credit hour may be carried over toward fulfilling the General Education requirement. Many current students at NEOMED indicate that science courses in neurology, immunology, and additional study in biochemistry and physiology were helpful.

Quarter Hours: If your college uses quarter hours rather than semester hours, you may multiply your quarter hours by 2/3 (0.66) to convert to semester hours to estimate completion. NEOMED will refer to PharmCAS calculations in the admission decision.

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