Pharmacy School Curriculum

Preparing highly skilled Pharmacists

The College of Pharmacy at NEOMED prepares highly skilled Doctors of Pharmacy who play an indispensable role in a team-orientated approach to patient care and medication management services. The College’s curriculum and academic programming is designed to educate and competent, caring pharmacists with strong communications skills, character, commitment to the community and dedication to lifelong learning.

College of Pharmacy Curriculum

The College of Pharmacy at NEOMED offers an innovative and interprofessional curriculum that blends classroom and practice experiences to give graduates the knowledge, skills and professionalism that is necessary to succeed as pharmacists. The College’s unique curriculum intermeshes with that of the College of Medicine to set new standards for interprofessional education, collaboration, community involvement and diversity.

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The College of Pharmacy at NEOMED is comprised of two departments—pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.

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Experiential Education

The Experiential Education Program is the practice-based component of the curriculum designed to focus on the key aspects of pharmacy practice. Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to real-life situations in a variety of settings while working under the facilitation of a preceptor, students gain the hands-on training they need to succeed as practicing pharmacists.

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Residency Programs

Residency training provides students with extensive experience in providing patient-centered care, developing practice leadership skills, providing patient and/or student education and training, developing project management skills and engaging in research.

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