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Pharmacy School Admissions At NEOMED

The College of Pharmacy at Northeast Ohio Medical University provides multiple pathways for students interested in pursuing a doctor of pharmacy degree. Future pharmacists can apply for admission to NEOMED after completing just 60 hours of prerequisite coursework as an undergrad, or secure a seat in pharmacy school as a high school student or as a freshman or sophomore in college.

Which Path To Becoming A Pharmacist Is The Right Fit For You?

Doctor of Pharmacy Program

NEOMED encourages applications from candidates who are within one calendar year of completing the pre-professional requirements for admission.
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Early Assurance as an Undergrad

If you are interested in reserving your seat in pharmacy school as a college freshman or sophomore.

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Early Assurance as a High School Student

If you are interested in reserving your seat in pharmacy school as a senior in high school.

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Students graduating from this program will have:

  • Access to high post-graduate residency program match rates—the key to obtaining future pharmacy jobs in clinical settings.
  • A strong inter-professional education to provide leadership in a team-oriented approach to patient care working side-by-side with physicians and others.
  • An understanding of and experience with the diverse patients to whom they will administer care.
  • Skills necessary to provide patients with medication therapy management services.

Who Should Apply?

Pharmacy school at NEOMED is designed for students with an interest in advancing community health in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Our typical applications include those who are interested in:

  • Becoming leaders in the emerging field of pharmacy as an integral part of the health care team
  • Challenging themselves with interprofessional coursework and hands-on experiences designed to prepare them to excel as professionals
  • Advancing community health in community pharmacy or clinical settings through NEOMED’s distinctive residency track
  • Developing skills outside of the classroom at one of NEOMED’s hundreds of clinical practice sites throughout northeast Ohio
  • Learning side-by-side in and out of the classroom with future physicians and researchers
  • Changing the lives of the communities they serve, particularly medically underserved areas where they can make the greatest impact on patients’ lives

College of Pharmacy

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