Pre-College Programs

Students who are interested in pursuing a care in health care can become involved in one ore more of our educational and enrichment programs prior to entering NEOMED or prior to entering a career in health care. These competitive programs exist seek to increase diverse representation at NEOMED and within the health care sector.


HealthSuccess is a highly selective enrichment program for ninth through eleventh grade students who are from groups underrepresented in medicine and pharmacy. The program was developed for those students who are specifically interested in medicine or pharmacy and begin to allow them to learn about these fields early in their education. Students gain college readiness skills, medical and pharmacy school preparation through their participation in various activities and workshops. HealthSuccess programs are typically held monthly from September to May.

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Health Professions Affinity Communities (HPAC)

The Health Professions Affinity Community (HPAC) is a program designed to support and guide students in grades 9 through 12 who have an interest in extending their connection to, and preparing for, a career in the health professions. HPAC offers a host of academic and community-based experiences with the aim of empowering students to take charge of their academic and career development and make a difference in the health of their communities.

The HPAC model is a customizable program. Each HPAC school or community organization partner is guided by a process that helps them to develop a menu of programs from which to develop student plans.

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MEDCAMP Health-a-thon

NEOMED and the Area Health Education Center program are excited to announce the restructuring of our premier MEDCAMP program called, MEDCAMP Health-a-Thon, based off the popular hack-a-thon programs being conducted at universities all across the country!

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Pathways to Pharmacy

Pathways to Pharmacy offers work-based learning experiences, personal development workshops, and math and science enrichment activities to learn more about the pharmacy profession. This summer program is designed for sophomores, and juniors in high school.

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Brain Bee

The Brain Bee is a neuroscience competition for high school students, 14-18 years of age. This live Q&A competition that tests the neuroscience knowledge of high school students. Students will compete to determine who is the “Best Brain.”

Tutoring will occur the second Saturday of every month beginning in August with the competition taking place on January 13, 2018.

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