Animal acquisition

Rodents entering the CMU must:

  • be acquired from suppliers identified on the CMU Approved Vendor List, OR
  • undergo quarantine in Horsfal Isolation cubicles and pathogen testing before entry into the facility.

ALL acquisitions of animals from suppliers not identified on the approved vendor list MUST be approved by the CMU Director before arrangements are made to ship animals. Please note that the pathogen status of some animals may preclude their housing at Northeast Ohio Medical University.

Quarantined animals are housed in microisolation (sterile or nonsterile — depending upon the nature of the animals and the intended housing location in the CMU) cages and evaluated using the same testing strategy as for the routine rodent health monitoring. Additional testing may be required depending upon the source of the animals and their health report history.

Ordering Procedure

All animal orders are placed by the Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU). Investigators and/or members of their research staff will electronically submit an animal requisition through the eAnimalOrdering tab in e-Protocol.

The information listed below includes information that may be helpful when placing animal orders. Please contact the CMU office at 330. 325.6555 for additional ordering information.

Approved Vendor List

Charles River

Ordering Deadline: Noon, Fridays
Delivery Date: Wednesdays
Box Charge: $24.85/box
Freight Charge: $54.25/box; $2.00 transportation surcharge; 4% inflation surcharge.


Ordering Deadline: Noon, Fridays
Delivery Date: Mondays
Box Charge: $25.00/box
Freight Charge: $47, first box; $25. each add. box; $6 fuel surcharge per order

Jackson labs

Ordering Deadline: Noon, Thursdays
Delivery Date: Mondays
Box Charge: $15.25/box
Freight Charge: $48.00/box


Ordering Deadline: Noon, Thursdays
Delivery Date: Variable
Box Charge: No box charge
Freight Charge: Determined by courier


Ordering Deadline: Noon, Tuesdays
Delivery Date: Thursdays
Box Charge: $10.50/box
Freight Charge: $64.00/box; 5% Inflation surcharge.

Details to come.

Details to come.

Details to come.

Details to come.


Lauren Brierley, D.V.M.
Director, Comparative Medicine Unit
Phone: 330-325-6558

Comparative Medicine Unit (CMU)

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