Analytical Core

The Analytical Core Laboratory within the Department of Integrative Medical Sciences is equipped with a diverse array of analytical instruments that facilitate the execution of a wide variety of experiments.

Available Equipment

Shimadzu UV-2101PC

Shimadzu UV-2101PC, NEOMED #0011510 spectrometer for spectra scanning, enzyme kinetics and endpoint analysis. USES: Spectra analysis of organic compounds and biological proteins, enzyme kinetic analysis and endpoint UV-visible absorbance of proteins and organic compounds. Investigators can use UV cuvettes located in drawer next to instrument.

Gene Amp PCR 9600 machine

Gene Amp PCR 9600 machine NEOMED #00340045; USES: Amplification of cDNA and DNA templates for analysis by gel electrophoresis. Users need to supply their own PCR plates or tubes and PCR polymerase master mix.

Labconco Lyophilizer & Centrivap Concentrator

Labconco Lyophilizer and Centrivap Concentrator, NEOMED #000011501; USES: Concentration of organic compounds and biological solutions to increase analyte level and remove water. Containers for lypholization are found next to the instrument.

Waters 600 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography System

Waters 600 High Pressure Liquid Chromatography System with controller and system software, NEOMED# 007000955, dual pump, photodiode array detector, auto-sampler and fluorescence detector, NEOMED #00700958; USES: Separation and quantization of organic and biological compounds including steroid, nucleotides, fatty acids, eicosanoids, drug metabolites and other small molecules. System provides continuous injections through auto-sampler and compilation of results with system software. Users need to supply their own HPLC columns and ultrapure solvent for separation of small molecular weight analytes.

Pharmacia Fast Performance Chromatograph

Pharmacia Fast Performance Chromatograph, NEOMED #000112176; USES: Can separate proteins and recombinant expressed proteins using either size exclusion or ion-exchange chromatography. System software and data analysis with fraction collector provides investigators off-hands use during separation of proteins or lipoproteins from plasma. Investigators can use available columns, which are old but functional. It is suggested that for optimal results users purchase new columns and solvents.

Typhoon 8610 Scanner Image analysis System

Typhoon 8610 Scanner Image analysis System, NEOMED #002000249, used for detection of fluorescence, chemiluminescence and radioactivity compounds. USES: Phosphoimager for detection and quantization of DNA fragments, DNA southern blots, Northern RNA blots, electrophoretic mobility shift assays (EMSA), DNA footprinting and differential display. Fluorescent assays for detection of western immunoblots, microplate analysis DNA amount, lipid accumulation in cells, apoptosis assay, MTT cytotoxicity assay and drug metabolism with fluorescent drugs or chemicals. Chemiluminescence analysis of western immunblots and gene reporter assays. Users should purchase their own phosphoimager cassettes to avoid cross contamination with different radioisotopes.

Biotek Synergy 4 Microplate Reader

Biotek Synergy 4 Microplate Reader, with the capabilities of fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance, FRET, polarized fluorescence, NEOMED #206853; USES: Luminescence gene reporter assays, Elisa absorbance assays and cell viability and cytotoxicity assays, Time resolved fluorescence (TRF), fluorescence polarization and fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) assays. Fluorescence is used in multiple assays from measurement of reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation, to drug-protein interactions by FRET. Users need to purchase either black microtiter plates for fluorescence assay or white plates for luminescence assays. For enhanceed sensitivity, investigators need to purchase short band pass emission and excitation filters instead of relying on monochromatic mirror selection of different wavelengths with longer excitation and emission band pass.

Real Time PCR ABI 7500 System

Real Time PCR ABI 7500 System, NEOMED #N00001289, used real-time analysis of PCR amplification; USES: Gene expression quantization either by absolute or relative methods using SYBR Green or Taqman fluorescent primers and probes. Investigators can determine DNA copy number and allele discrimination using this instrument. High resolution melting point analysis for small nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and mutation analysis can be performed using this instrument. Users need to supply micro titer plates and PCR master mix for template amplification.

Brinkman Polytron

Brinkman Polytron, NEOMED #000010287; USES: Homogenization and tissue disruption of soft tissues and cells with large or small tissue disintegrator probes.

Heat System Sonicator Cell Disruptor Model WI85F

Heat System Sonicator Cell Disruptor Model WI85F, NEOMED #0000643; USES: disruption of cells, chip assay reduction in chromatin size, production of micelles –microsomes and solubilization of immiscible liquids.


James Hardwick, Ph.D.
Director of Analytical Core Facility
Phone: 330.325.6684

Nicole Smallwood
Sr. Laboratory Coordinator
Phone: 330.325.6131

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