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The College of Medicine at NEOMED is in its fifth decade of developing physicians from and for Ohio. And while many of our students focus on primary care in underserved areas, making great use of the College’s partnerships which offer teaching hospitals and facilities with more than 30 regionally located health systems and major universities, others find themselves equally prepared for specialty areas and are in demand by the world’s best health systems.

Dean’s Office Leadership

The College is made up of leaders focused on advancing student education and the mission of the College of Medicine at NEOMED.

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Mission, Vision & Values

The College of Medicine at NEOMED, through education, research and public service inspires medical students to become exemplary patient care centered physicians.

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The NEOMED College of Medicine strives to foster and enhance an environment of diversity and inclusiveness that empowers us all to achieve our highest potential.

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Strategic Plan

The College’s strategic plan provides a dynamic framework to move the College in to the future.

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LCME Accreditation  & Continuous Quality Improvement

The College is accredited through the LCME and students within the College of Medicine are encouraged and empowered to find their voice and impact positive change.

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Curriculum Change Initiative

The College of Medicine is undergoing a curriculum transformation. The new systems-based model aligns with best practices nationally and will enhance student mastery of content — delivering an exceptional student experience.

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Body Donation Program

Body donations to the University help to advance medical education and research, and to improve patient care.

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Facts & Figures

Learn more about the College of Medicine’s USMLE’s Step 1 and Step 2 results, graduation rates and residency match placement results.

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Our Partners

University partners in and around Northeast Ohio are providing more pathways than ever to becoming a physician.

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