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1. Focus top priority on the COM curriculum.

Maintaining accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) is fundamental to the COM’s mission. The COM will focus attention and resources on maintaining an academically rigorous curriculum that ensures continuous accreditation and equips students with the knowledge and skills that will make them exceptional professionals.

2.Implement the Center for Integrated Primary and Mental Health Care (CIPMHC).

The integration of primary and mental health disciplines provides a more holistic approach to health and health care and can improve physician practice, broaden student understanding, and offer more comprehensive patient care. While the CIPMHC strategic plan provides more detail, integration teams will be formed around education, research & scholarship, and service translation areas

3. Infuse cultural humility, diversity, and inclusion in all facets of the curriculum, instruction (classroom, lab, and clinical settings), and non-academic campus life.

  1. Offer cultural humility training for the faculty, staff, and students.
  2. Incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion as intentional elements of all COM educational experiences for students, i.e. look for longitudinal educational opportunities to integrate cultural humility content.
  3. Offer educational opportunities/forums/discussion groups to develop faculty and staff skills regarding culture humility, e.g., understanding cultural sensitivities and encourage COM participation.

4. Strengthen academic support services that contribute to improved student success.

Students believe that they receive an adequate amount of feedback, however, there are some measures that they feel are lacking., e.g., their ranking among their peers. Providing more timely feedback coupled with bolstering academic support could enhance student performance and improve student morale.

5. Create of Culture of Continuous Improvement.

Continuous improvement should be viewed from a wider lens, not just through the narrow focus of LEAN projects. Continuous improvement should involve a variety of areas and various disciplines such as:

  1. Monitoring student satisfaction.
  2. Gauging faculty and staff satisfaction.
  3. Tracking Alumni accomplishments and ongoing involvement with the COM.



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