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  1. Charge the Dean’s Leadership Group (DLG) with providing direction for defining, prioritizing, enhancing, and promoting the COM brand then appoint a team that will implement and operationalize the recommendations.
    Efforts to elevate the COM’s brand image must align with and be integrated into the overall activities the Marketing and Communication Department (MarCom) employs to accomplish brand initiatives for the University. There needs to be a more focused approach to establish bi-directional communication channels between MarCom and the COM
    to ensure that the strategies developed are able to be implemented.
  2. Focus more energy on spotlighting the COM’s unique assets and attributes.
    The COM has important stories to tell. There are many highlights and success stories that could be told which would reinforce the college’s mission and create positive perceptions for the college and the University within key internal and external stakeholder groups. The COM needs a clearer understanding of MarCom’s processes and priorities for promoting NEOMED’s brand. Both entities should strive to streamline processes and procedures in order to enhance efficiency and accelerate results.
  3. Charge the DLG with determining how the COM will manage the national versus regional focus and how it will prioritize resources accordingly.
    Most of COM’s reach is regional, with a few niche areas that have a national focus. The Dean and the DLG need to provide clarity on where and how the COM should position itself and how key COM stakeholders can leverage public and private relationships in each sector that will benefit the college. Once an understanding of where the COM needs to increase its visibility, then attention should be given to identifying opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in key local, regional, and national events/meetings that are focused on NEOMED’s priorities.



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