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How Donation Works

Thank you for considering being part of Northeast Ohio Medical University Body Donation Program.

  • A representative (typically medical personnel) of the donor should call Northeast Ohio Medical University at 1.330.325. 6317.
  • The body must be transported directly to the University by our designated personnel within 10 hours of death. Official date and time of death must be confirmed by medical personnel.
  • In order for one’s body to be maintained in good condition for medical education, it is necessary that it be embalmed as soon as possible after death. Therefore, every effort is made to bring the deceased to the University quickly. Family and friends are encouraged to say their final farewells prior to bringing the body to the University. A memorial service may be held by the family for the deceased.
  • University students do not know the body donors’ names. If a family chooses to do so, they may indicate that the individual is a Northeast Ohio Medical University body donor in his or her obituary.
  • The University will process the death certificate for the donor. Certified copies of the death certificate can obtained from the Department of Health in the county where the death occurred. Please allow two-to-four weeks for processing.
  • Northeast Ohio Medical University will not accept a body if a member of the family asserts that he or she intends to go to court in an attempt to break the donor’s will in this particular matter.
  • No body donation can be accepted if the donor dies outside of the state of Ohio.
  • No body donation can be accepted if the donor dies outside a 75-mile radius of the University.
  • If you choose to donate your organs, the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology cannot accept your body.
  • The Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology respectfully reserves the right to decline a body that is, in the opinion of departmental personnel, not appropriate for the Body Donation Program (see registration process for body donation). We recommend that each person who registers with the Body Donation Program also have alternative arrangements.


Body Donation Hotline
24 hours a day/7 days a week
Phone: 330-325-6317

Body Donation Program

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