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Meet the staff in Student Affairs and student diversity

Welcome to the Northeast Ohio Medical University!  We are excited to share this journey with you, providing you with a supportive learning environment and guiding you through your undergraduate medical training.

We work in partnership with the staff in the office of Academic Affairs and Student Services and the Center for Student Wellness and Counseling to ensure that you receive the academic and personal support you need to meet your educational goals, and to holistically support your professional development as a physician.

Douglas Moses, M.D. (’95), Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs

Douglas Moses, M.D.

As the chair of the College of Medicine Admissions committee, I lead the COM recruitment and admissions efforts and oversee COM Student Affairs. This allows me to chair the COM Admissions Committee and be part of molding a talented and diverse student body that encompasses the mission our college has developed.

In addition, I have the privilege of working with a stellar Student Affairs team to help students develop into a NEOMED physician.

Corrie Stofcho, m.d. (’06) , Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

As the student advocate for all College of Medicine students, I serve as your first point of contact for troubleshooting issues and concerns and connecting you to the appropriate resources for addressing those concerns. I also provide students with guidance and support in a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Preparing you for your career as a Physician through NEOMED’s holistic career development curriculum. This includes oversight of the Residency Match process including ERAS, MSPE preparation, and the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program.
  • Building your personal board of directors by connecting you with a robust network of mentors and advisors through NEOMED’s Professional Development Advising Team (PDAT) program.
  • Planning and implementing extra-curricular enrichment opportunities, including career exploration, research and service experiences.
  • Writing dean’s letters of recommendation for research and other professional development applications.

Harmony Stanger, M.B.A., Assistant Director, Student Affairs

As an advocate for student success, I assist with the coordination of all College of Medicine student programming, planning, activities and special events, and serve as a student resource for career advising support in these areas:

  • Assist students with preparation of their curriculum vitae, interview skills and other career preparation activities.
  • Help to coordinate the residency match process and Match Day.
  • Advise medical students on research, service and other professional development opportunities.
  • Assist with management of the Professional Development Advising Team (PDAT) program.

Whitney Vaughn, coordinator, Student Affairs

I assist with coordination of all student affairs programming, planning, activities and special events as well as provide assistance for all activities of the College related to career advising, including student leadership, professional development and diversity initiatives.

Our Work

The Student Affairs team provides support and guidance to students throughout their medical school experience, with the goal of helping each student achieve optimal professional growth and development and is the first point of contact for medical students for troubleshooting issues and concerns. The Student Affairs Team also serves students through a wide variety of activities, including:

  • Participation in the development and administration of policies that impact the quality of life and campus resources available to medical students.
  • Oversight of the career development and residency match process
  • Assistance with planning and implementation of extra-curricular enrichment opportunities, including career exploration, research, and service experiences.
  • Preparation of dean’s letters of recommendation on behalf of medical students for research and other professional development applications.
  • Serving as the College of Medicine advisors for the NEOMED Student Council, Student Conduct Council, the NEOMED Virtuous Healer Honor Society and the NEOMED Zeta chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha.
  • Assistance with development and implementation of programs and activities to foster student leadership skills.
  • Serves as a student advocate for the Committee on Academic and Professional Progress (CAPP)

Once again, welcome to NEOMED! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any assistance to you during your time here.


Douglas Moses, M.D. (’95)
Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs
Clinical Professor, Pediatrics
Phone: (330) 325.6197

Corrie Stofcho, M.D. (’06)
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Phone: 330.325.6760

Harmony N. Stanger, M.B.A.
Assistant Director, Student Affairs
Phone:(330) 325.6719

Whitney Vaughn
Coordinator, Student Affairs
Phone:(330) 325.6324

Student diversity

Iris Mirelez, M.Ed., assistant director, student diversity

Iris Mirelez, M.Ed. is assistant director of student diversity for the College of Medicine. In this role she coordinates and implements efforts to recruit, enroll and support historically underrepresented students in medicine. She works collaboratively with the Office of Admissions and in alignment with the University’s and the Colleges’ missions, demonstrating commitment to access and inclusion.

Prior to joining NEOMED, Ms. Mirelez served as the Director for the One Stop Shop for Student Services at Kent State, which combined front facing student services related to financial aid, billing and student records. Prior to her time at Kent State, she served in a variety of administrative roles at Wright State University.

Ms. Mirelez has a bachelor’s in mass communication and Master of Education and human services both from Wright State University.


Iris Mirelez, M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Student Diversity
Email: 330.325.6752


Harmony Stanger, M.B.A.
Assistant Director, Student Affairs
Phone: 330-325-6719