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Alpha Omega Alpha

Founded in 1902, Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is a medical honor society dedicated to the belief that we can improve care for all by recognizing high educational achievement, honoring gifted teaching, encouraging the development of leaders in academia and the community, supporting the ideals of humanism, and promoting service to others. Election to Alpha Omega Alpha signifies a lasting commitment to scholarship, leadership, professionalism, and service. Membership in the society confers recognition of someone’s dedication to the profession and art of healing. NEOMED’s Zeta chapter of AOA was founded in 1982 and is proud to induct new medical students, residents, alumni, and faculty into the chapter each year.

Eligibility for Student Nomination

For medical students, those with scholastic qualifications that place them in the upper 25% of the class are eligible for AOA nomination. Per AOA requirements, each AOA chapter may select up to 20% of its graduating class for AOA selection. Scholastic achievement is the primary but not the sole basis for nomination. Other considerations include a candidate’s track record of leadership, ethical standards, professionalism, service, scholarly work and potential for achievement in medicine. Any candidate with a record of professionalism offense may be removed from consideration for AOA by the selection committee and/or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

Selection Process

Medical students who choose to apply for AOA are reviewed by a committee of faculty and students. The faculty committee members who have previously been elected to AOA. The students on the committee are the AOA President, Vice President and Secretary. In order to ensure consistency and equity, applications are blinded and a team of one faculty member and one student is assigned to each of the 3 sections of the application (research, leadership and service). The team then reviews and scores their assigned section for all candidates using a standardized rubric. Scores for each section are presented to the selection committee for voting.

Identification of Candidates

AOA selection occurs in the summer for senior selection and early fall for junior selection.

Students are eligible for consideration for junior-year selection if they are in the top 25% of the class based on overall rank at the end of M2 Year.  Transfer students are eligible for junior-year consideration if they are in the top 25% of the class for the M2 year only. Students who are “off track” because of an enrichment LOA between M2 and M3 or other reasons are also considered if they were in the top 25% of their class at the end of M2.

Students are eligible for consideration for senior-year selection if they are in the top 25% of the class based on overall rank at the end of M3 Year.  Transfer students are eligible for senior-year consideration if they are in the top 25% of the class for the M3 year only. Students who are “off track” because of an enrichment LOA between M3 and M4 or other reasons are also considered if they were in the top 25% of their class at the end of M3.  Once the class rank list is obtained from the Registrar, the AOA Administrator sends an invitation to apply to AOA via email to all students ranked in the top quartile. Student members of the Selection Committee are not provided with student class rank or Step scores.

Resident, Faculty, and Alumni Nominations

Each AOA chapter may elect Residents/Fellows, Faculty, and Alumni who have never previously been elected to AOA. Nationally, AOA bases Resident/Fellow, Faculty, and Alumni elections on medical school class size. A medical school of NEOMED’s size can select a maximum of 3 resident members, 3 faculty members, and 3 alumni members. Residents, alumni, and faculty are nominated for membership by current AOA members. Nominated parties are evaluated for continued academic and professional achievement, leadership, professionalism, service, teaching, and research based on their CV and an optional letter of endorsement. Elections for Residents, Faculty, and Alumni take place once a year, in mid-January, and follow the same election format as for medical student nominees.


  • Early August: Invitations to senior-year candidates
  • Mid August: Invitations to junior-year candidates
  • End August: Senior-year selection meeting
  • Early-Mid September: AOA designation added to MSPE
  • Mid September: Junior-year selection meeting
  • Early December: Invitation to residents, faculty and alumni
  • Mid January: Resident, faculty and alumni selection meeting
  • Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 5:30 p.m.: AOA Induction Banquet, NEOMED

Statement on Diversity in AOA

The NEOMED Zeta chapter of AOA is committed to recognizing the work and achievements of our diverse student body. We have worked diligently to continually make the election process more objective and to recognize and remove potential opportunities for bias. Per the national AOA website, “AΩA advocates for diversity in all its forms when identifying candidates for nomination – identity, cultural, geographic, experiential, race, ethnicity, gender, age, economic and social status, physical abilities, aptitude, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and other ideologies.”

2023-2024 Officers & Faculty Advisors


2023 AOA Faculty, Alumni, and resident inductees

  • Alumni: Ananth Murthy, MD (’99), Don Deep, MD (’94), Mark Kubina, MD (’93)
  • Faculty: Matthew Mullins, MD (’19),  Nicholas Papas, MD (’86), Timothy Barreiro, DO
  • Residents: Aayush Pradhan, MD, Joshua Henning, MD


AOA current Members

  • Amy Adik
  • Andrew Alejo
  • Vardhan Avasarala
  • Alyssa Basdavanos
  • Meghana Chalasani
  • Leah Choban
  • Kyra Deep
  • Michael Dube
  • Christopher Economus
  • Brian Foresi
  • Natalie Ganios
  • Nicholas Krasnoschlik
  • Alekhya Mannava
  • Adam Mansour
  • Ali Murra
  • Karina Pedersen
  • Joshua Tidd
  • Gina Tubo
  • Alexa Wawrzyniak


Class of 2024 – senior inductees

  • Kailey Christman
  • Carmelle Cuizon
  • Kerry Dombroski
  • Scott Everett
  • Logan Galbraith
  • Alexis Lynch
  • Elaine Patel


Class of 2025 – JUNIOR inductees

  • TBD September 2023


Harmony Stanger, M.B.A.
Assistant Director, Student Affairs
Phone: 330-325-6719