Medical Education

Cynthia Ledford, M.D.
Sr. Associate Dean of Medical Education

In the College of Medicine, we are excited about the changes underway in the curriculum, guided by principles of

  1. relevance to professional practice,
  2. systems-based integration of pre-clerkship curricular disciplines,
  3. timely assessment and feedback,
  4. opportunities for independent and self-directed learning, and
  5. reduced class time focused on active learning.

In M1 and M2, we have adopted Peer Instruction as the primary method for active learning as well as timely assessment and feedback.

Faculty are excited to see the energy and learning that has occurred as a result.
With students as our partners and as voting members of the curriculum committees, we continue to strive to provide the optimal learning experience for all.

We are pleased by the positive impact already apparent and look forward to seeing what we can further achieve together.

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