Medical Education

Office of Medical Education

Mission: To provide exemplary curricular support in the delivery of a collaborative medical education program using evidence-based design and improvement strategies to graduate transformational leaders who advance the health of our diverse communities.

Vision: Through compassion, collaboration, and innovation, we aspire to shift the paradigm of medical education through an exceptional learning experience that empowers students to become lifelong learners and adaptive leaders who address health care challenges and improve health in their communities.

Meet the Team

In the College of Medicine, there is a skilled team to support the work of course directors, curriculum operations and the educational program.

Senior Associate Dean – Cynthia H. Ledford, MD,

See Dr. Cynthia Ledford’s Curriculum Vitae: Ledford_CV

  • Oversees and directs the vision for the curriculum
  • Builds systems and teams that effectively support the work we do
  • Identifies and negotiates for resource needs of students and faculty
  • Develops faculty and teams
  • Serves as administrative chair and ex-officio for the Curriculum Committee

Associate Deans- Vacant (M1M2) and Sue Nofziger, MD (M3M4)

See Dr. Susan Nofziger’s Curriculum Vitae: Nofziger_CV

  • Works directly with subcommittees and course directors
  • Attends to the details of implementation of the curriculum
  • Assists with identifying needs for faculty recruitment and development
  • Assists with identifying students in need and connect them with resources
  • Serves as important quality reviewers of the curriculum (peer review)
  • Serves as administrative chair and ex-officio for the Pre-clerkship Curriculum Subcommittee and Clinical Curriculum Subcommittee, respectively

Assistant Dean- Janet Holliday, PhD,

See Dr. Janet Holliday’s Curriculum Vitae: Holliday_CV

  • Ensures assessments and tests are of high quality
  • Meets with course directors to guide interpretation and validation of test results
  • Uses student outcomes data to help inform curriculum and college decisions
  • Serves as administrative chair and ex-officio for the Curriculum Evaluation Subcommittee

Jen Hillyer

Director of Faculty Development – Jennifer Hillyer, PhD

See Dr. Jennifer Hillyers’s Curriculum Vitae: Hillyer_CV

  • Helps identify needs related to developing teaching skill
  • Curates resources for faculty development, connects faculty to resources
  • Administers the Education Innovation Award

Curriculum Data Management Team under leadership of Sara Kosiba, PhD, –

See Dr. Sara Kosiba’s Curriculum Vitae: Kosiba_CV

  • Oversees all data needs of the curriculum
  • Ensures curriculum data and mapping is complete and accurate to support our content integration needs
  • Creates and reports program evaluations including data related to course and teaching quality
  • Oversees quality and alignment of assessments of learning, in collaboration with the assistant dean; reports curriculum outcomes to inform decisions

Curriculum Operations Team –

See Cristina Basaran’s Curriculum Vitae: Basaran_CV

See Vanessa Painter’s Curriculum Vitae: Painter_CV

See Alyssa Pryor’s Curriculum Vitae: Pryor_CV

See Belinda Sasala’s Curriculum Vitae: Sasala_CV

  • Supports delivery of the curriculum,
  • Attends to details of implementation
    • finalizing syllabi
    • posting content to the learning management system (Canvas)
    • confirming accuracy of the detailed academic calendar (Outlook)
    • scheduling classrooms and needed resources (including technology)
    • oversee scheduling of clinical sites, small groups, or clerkships and electives
    • coordinating communications from course directors to faculty teachers
    • monitoring attendance (of faculty and students)

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