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College of Medicine Leadership

The College of Medicine Dean’s Office is home to Dean, Vice Dean, Medical Education and Student Affairs. Department chairs in Anatomy and Neurobiology, Family and Community Medicine, Internal Medicine, Integrative Medical Sciences and Psychiatry are part of the Dean’s Leadership team.

Dean’s Office Leadership

Elisabeth H. Young, M.D., FACP
Dean, College of Medicine
Vice President for Health Affairs

Eugene Mowad, M.D.
Vice Dean and Sr. Associate Dean for
Academic Affairs

Linda Lawrence, M.D.
Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs

Sonja Harris-Haywood, M.D., M.S
Associate Dean for Curriculum Integration

Susan Nofziger, M.D.
Associate Dean, Experiential Education

Jeff Wenstrup, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Research
Chair, Anatomy and Neurobiology

Doug Moses, M.D
Associate Dean, Admissions and Student Affairs

Sebastian Diaz, Ph.D., J.D.
Associate Dean, Quality Initiatives

College of Medicine Department Chairs

Randon Welton, M.D.
Chair, Psychiatry

Joseph Zarconi, M.D.
Chair, Internal Medicine

John Boltri, M.D.
Chair, Family and Community Medicine

William Chilian, Ph.D.
Chair, Integrative Medical Sciences


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