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Develop a more focused locus of connection with Alumni. 

  1. Assess the accuracy and completeness of the current Alumni database. 
  2. Develop more rigorous processes to keep the Alumni database current.
  3. Build a stronger presence with the Alumni Board at NEOMED. 
  4. Devote more energy and human resources to initiating personal touch points with Alumni.

It is important that the COM reaches out to Alumni not exclusively for seeking financial support. Touch points should also provide the occasion for the COM to articulate what opportunities, services, and benefits it can offer to Alumni. 

  1. Express early on to students during their COM experience what it means to be an engaged Alumnus and why it is important to them, the COM, and to future students. In addition, students need to understand what benefits and opportunities are possible when they stay engaged after they graduate. There needs to be a sense of pride for being a NEOMED COM graduate that remains a permanent and valued part of a student’s identity.
  2. Assess the Alumni to determine their interest in participating in professional development opportunities provided by the COM.
    There may be opportunities to invite select Alumni to participate in faculty development activities—either virtually or in person. Professional development opportunities could be provided by distinguished Alumni who are experts in their specific disciplines or offered for Alumni who are interested in expanding their knowledge base and staying connected with faculty, staff and students.
  3. Assess the Alumni to identify meaningful ways to recognize and celebrate their accomplishments and increase Alumni engagement.
    Providing meaningful recognition to distinguished Alumni would strengthen the COM’s relationship with their star graduates and provide opportunities for them to return to NEOMED to reconnect with faculty and staff and serve as inspirational role models for current students.



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