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Post-Baccalaureate Early Assurance Pathway

The Process

The Early Assurance Post-Baccalaureate pathway is a two-step process leading to admission at NEOMED in the College of Medicine as an first-year medicine student.

Students who have or will have successfully completed a baccalaureate (often referred to as “four-year”) program of study from a regionally accredited institution of higher education in the United States prior to matriculation to medical school may be eligible to apply.

Contact the Pathways to Practice program at Cleveland State for more information to begin the process.

Step 1

Post-Baccalaureate Early Assurance to NEOMED

  • Interested candidates should begin by contacting the Pathways to Practice team at Cleveland State University to see if the program is right for them.
  • Candidates not enrolled at Cleveland State University will need to begin the process for early assurance consideration by applying for admission as post-baccalaureate students at Cleveland State University.
  • Cleveland State University may choose to nominate promising candidates for medical school as NEOMED based upon an admission application review.
  • NEOMED will interview nominated candidates for consideration of early assurance to NEOMED. Early assurance does not constitute admission to NEOMED. Early assurance is the privilege of a student having a seat in an entering medical school class reserved for a designated year of matriculation in the future.
  • A successful interview at NEOMED and admission to Cleveland State is required for a candidate to receive an offer of early assurance.
  • Early assurance to NEOMED is determined by the NEOMED College of Medicine Admission Committee.
  • Should a candidate receive early assurance privileges, the candidate will then apply through AMCAS using the Early Assurance plan for a designated year of matriculation determined by Cleveland State University in consultation with the candidate.

Step 2

Applying for Admission to the M.D. Program at NEOMED with Post Baccalaureate Early Assurance Privileges

Candidates granted early assurance privileges reserving a seat are required to complete the following in order to receive admission to the College of Medicine as M.D. students. These requirements apply to candidates holding early assurance privileges for matriculation into the Doctor of Medicine program through 2024:

  • Students must follow all AMCAS Early Assurance plan application procedures and deadlines.
  • Students must continue to complete post-baccalaureate coursework as prescribed by Cleveland State University.
  • Early Assurance Post-Baccalaureate students must apply for admission through AMCAS using the Early Assurance admission plan prior to September 1 of the preceding year to be eligible for final admission to NEOMED. E.g. – If a student is applying for fall 2024 admission, he or she must apply for admission through AMCAS using the Early Assurance plan by September 1, 2023.
  • Early Assurance students must be on track to successfully complete all required pre-requisite courses with a grade of “C-” or better to apply for admission to NEOMED.
  • Early Assurance students are not required to interview again at the time of application for admission to NEOMED.
  • Early Assurance post-baccalaureate plan admission decisions will be made by the NEOMED College of Medicine Admissions Committee in the March meeting using academic data available in January. Candidates will receive an admission decision within approximately two weeks following the meeting.
  • Early assurance plan Post-Baccalaureate pathway students shall be required to meet or exceed all admission standards and criteria, or they should not expect to be admitted to NEOMED as M1 students. The final admission decision will be made by the NEOMED College of Medicine Admissions Committee.
  • Please see the current NEOMED Compass (catalogue and handbook) for applicable admission criteria and admission standards for medical school applicants holding post-baccalaureate early assurance privileges.

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