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Post-Baccalaureate Program at NEOMED

Post-Baccalaureate students may apply to a pre-med program leading to early assurance to medical school at NEOMED


Do you already have a bachelor’s degree and the drive to one day practice as a physician? Do you have a demonstrated commitment to northeast Ohio? And the passion to practice in a medically underserved community? Do you to aspire to lead transformative change in health care?

Early Assurance to medical school through Cleveland State University’s Pathways to Practice program as a post-Baccalaureate student may be the right path to medical school for you.

Much more than simply an alternative entry point to the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program at NEOMED, the post-baccalaureate early assurance plan, offered exclusively through a cooperative arrangement with the Cleveland State University Pathways to Practice program, seeks mission-centric candidates with goals to lead transformative change in health care in the northeast Ohio region.

Cleveland State University

NEOMED offers post-baccalaureate early assurance exclusively through a cooperative arrangement with the Cleveland State University Pathways to Practice program. Learn more by visiting Connect with our helpful colleagues at Cleveland State University to learn more about admission, program eligibility, and all of the outstanding opportunities and student support Pathways to Practice offers.

Dr. Timothy McKnight, MD, MSHM
Executive Director

Ms. Toni Speed, M.Ed.
Program Coordinator & Advisor

The Process

Post-Baccalaureate Early Assurance is a two-step process leading to admission to the M.D. program at NEOMED. Early assurance holds a seat for a designated year in a future NEOMED M.D. class. Early assurance candidates must then apply for admission and meet prescribed admission standards on a designated timeline to secure admission to the M.D. program at NEOMED.

Step 1

Visit the Pathways to Practice application site through Cleveland State University at  to learn more. If you are not a current Cleveland State student you will have to apply for admission to Cleveland State.  Once post-baccalaureate admission to Cleveland State University is secured, you may be nominated for early assurance privileges at NEOMED through the process specified though the Pathways to Practice program at Cleveland State University  We recommend that you contact Ms. Toni Speed, M.Ed., Program Coordinator & Advisor, Cleveland State University, prior to application to Cleveland State University at for further details.

All nominated candidates for early assurance privileges to NEOMED will be evaluated for invitation to interview with NEOMED. A successful interview with NEOMED is required for consideration of post-baccalaureate early assurance to NEOMED. All early assurance decisions will be made by the NEOMED College of Medicine Admissions Committee and communicated through Cleveland State University.

Step 2

The second step allows a Cleveland State University Pathways to Practice post-baccalaureate pathway student who has been granted early assurance privilege to medical school at NEOMED the opportunity to apply for admission to claim that reserved seat. For candidates with early assurance to matriculate into the M.D. program at NEOMED for 2023 and 2024, the second step is application for admission to the College of Medicine at NEOMED through AMCAS.

Note: Candidates with goals of matriculating to NEOMED in 2025 and beyond are encouraged to check back throughout this academic year. NEOMED and Cleveland State University will collaborate to incorporate the new early assurance Transformational Year into the post-baccalaureate option. Starting in 2025 and fully adopted in 2026, all early assurance candidates will enter the NEOMED M.D. program through a NEOMED master’s plus M.D. course of study.      

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Admission Requirements

Enrolled Pathways to Practice students holding post-baccalaureate early assurance privileges will apply for admission to the College of Medicine at NEOMED through AMCAS using the early assurance plan. All candidates are expected to meet or exceed the admission standards.

The NEOMED College of Medicine Admission Committee renders all admissions decisions to the NEOMED M.D. program.

Note: NEOMED admission requirements are effective for post-baccalaureate candidates holding early assurance privileges for matriculation to NEOMED for 2023 and 2024. New early assurance admission requirements for candidates expecting to matriculate to NEOMED in 2025 and beyond will be published later this year.    

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