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The SZconsult learning community offers free consultation, case-based learning, and continuing medical education credit to medical professionals who care for people affected by schizophrenia-spectrum disorders.

SZconsult meets every Tuesday at noon, eastern time.

SZconsult sessions consist of a brief lecture (we aim for 15 minutes) followed by time to answer clinical questions from anyone about most anything. We’re here to help.

SZconsult is a community of shared clinical experience and shared wisdom. We teach each other. We learn from each other. We solve clinical problems and change lives together.

Our goal is to help clinicians help their clients to get the best possible outcomes.

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Weekly short lecture topics

Hub Team

Erik Messamore, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Sara Dugan, Pharm.D., BCPP, BCPS
Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Jami Brewer

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Emily Murphy
Director, Health Affairs
Phone: 330.325.6812

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