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How It Works

Joining a Current ECHO Program


Visit the ECHO Program registration page and complete the information requested as we need it to satisfy various grant requirements that fund our ECHO programs. Make sure to select which ECHO program(s) you are interested in joining.

Join a Session

Once registered, a link for each program will be emailed to you. Project ECHO uses Zoom conferencing technology which is simple to use. Click the link at the session time to join. If you are new to Zoom, you may want to watch a video tutorial.

TIP: Collaboration is the heart of the ECHO project. It creates communities of interdisciplinary healthcare professionals that learn, share and support each other through online clinics and improves patient outcomes. To participate fully, share your confounding cases/patient stories and turn on your camera on when you’re tuning into a clinic.


The best conversations are centered around cases that you submit. Please share your challenging patient cases or patient stories (de-identified of course!) via the form, or email Our interdisciplinary community will ask questions to generate more ideas to enhance patient care. If possible, we would like to get a copy of the completed case presentation at least 48 hours prior to your presentation so that we have time to review it and to consider some preliminary questions and recommendations.

Get Credit

Each clinic begins with a didactic from a professional in the field. To receive continuing education credit, you must create an account at and login within 24 hours and complete the quick survey after each session. Each session equals one (1) CE unit and there is no limit to how many you can obtain. See the EEDs guide below to help you navigate the site. Continuing education credits are not retroactive after 24 hours so save the EEDs site as a favorite on your device to quickly submit the survey immediately following the clinic.

Need assistance with EEDs and obtaining your CEs? Download this instructional guide.* or click these EEDs video links below:

EEDS mobile app video
EEDS computer sign in video

Getting certificates from EEDS
EEDS’ Mobile Certificate


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