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Jail Diversion Research

Providing research to discern program mechanisms and characteristics to determine how diversion programs work and for whom.

The Quality of Life of People with Mental Illness Research Team

Led by Christian Ritter, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, and Mark R. Munetz, M.D., Co-principal Investigator, the team has been researching the effects of pre- and post-arrest diversion programs in Ohio since 2002.

In addition to research activities, the investigators and team members have served such groups as The Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence, The Ohio Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Mental Illness and the Courts, the Bureau of Justice Assistance Mental Health Courts Program, and the Council of State Governments Advisory Committee.

Research funded by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Office of Criminal Justice Services, and are based in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at NEOMED.

Jail Diversion Research Findings

Research findings and publications from the Quality of Life research team.

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Quality of Life Research Team Bios

Learn more about the research team.

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Research Consultation Network

The Research Consultation Network is an emerging network of researchers from around the state of Ohio who are currently engaged in research on jail diversion programs.

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