Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence

Promoting Jail Diversion Alternatives for People with Mental Health Disorders

Encouraging the mental health and criminal justice systems to work together to improve the quality of life of those residents of Ohio who suffer from mental disorders and who are at risk of finding their way unnecessarily into the criminal justice system.


The Ohio Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence promotes jail diversion alternatives for people with mental health disorders.

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Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs across the country help direct persons with mental illness into treatment instead of inappropriate incarceration.

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Jail Diversion Research

Providing research to discern program mechanisms and characteristics to determine how diversion programs work and for whom.

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Sequential Intercept Model

Working with SAMHSA’s National GAINS Center, the CJ CCoE developed a conceptual model to approach the over-representation of people with mental illness.

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Ohio Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence

Department of Psychiatry