A health-facing response to substance use

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Center of Excellence has established a new initiative focused on Substance Use Deflection. Through this initiative, the CJ CCoE will provide consultation and technical assistance to Ohio communities with established and new substance use deflection work, including Quick Response Teams (QRT’s) and other community-based harm reduction and pre-arrest diversion programs and services.

Specifically, we:

  • collect/disseminate information on emerging and best practices
  • facilitate access to and support data collection
  • provide access to training and technical assistance
  • coordinate and boost evaluation, research, outcomes reporting and program monitoring for pre-arrest diversion programs
  • build learning environments
  • coordinate and lead grant/funding requests with state/local communities
  • engage deflection practitioners in decision making through the Ohio Deflection Association
  • collaborate with communities and stakeholders to identify ways to enhance/expand pre-arrest diversion activities
  • provide centralized reporting/accountability functions to state departments

Building better relationships and safer communities

With the growth and variations of Quick Response Teams (QRTs), it is crucial they have access to the best and current practices, training and technology. The objective of the Substance Use Deflection Initiative is to provide pre-arrest diversion technical assistance, build strong partnerships through thoughtful planning and coordination of programming for QRTs.

The work of the initiative is to identify/promote best practices, share systematic efficiencies and proven methods and grow a QRT Project ECHO® community, an evidence-based approach to community health knowledge.

Join our virtual community focused on deflection approaches

The ‘Engage, Deflect and Support’ Project ECHO Community

Project ECHO is an evidence-based approach to community health knowledge. The Deflection ECHO is a virtual learning community that provides a health-facing response to substance use that engages, deflects and supports strong community partnerships.

What is deflection?

Deflection aims to connect individuals experiencing addiction with treatment and recovery according to the individual’s needs and away from traditional avenues, such as emergency departments or the criminal justice system.

Get involved, get the latest information

The Substance Use Deflection Initiative has been developed to work with partners through researching and identifying the best and current practices, training and technology that focus on reducing overdose deaths and incarceration for people struggling with addiction. Stay up-to-date on deflection initiatives and programs by signing up today to receive information and invitations to technical assistance, webinars and more.

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