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Crisis Intervention Teams are robust programs containing ongoing, operational, and sustaining elements.  The Core Elements included in each of these categories work together to create a fully operational CIT program; therefore, implementation and adherence to the core elements are central to the success of a program’s goals.

Remember CIT International’s motto that “CIT is more than training!”

Ongoing Elements

  1. Partnerships: Law Enforcement, Advocacy, Mental Health
  1. Community Ownership: Planning, Implementation & Networking
  1. Policies and Procedures

Operational Elements

  1. CIT: Officer, Dispatcher, Coordinator
  1. Curriculum: CIT Training
  1. Mental Health Receiving Facility: Emergency Services

Sustaining Elements

  1. Evaluation and Research
  1. In-Service Training
  1. Recognition and Honors
  1. Outreach: Developing CIT in Other Communities


If you are just getting started in developing a CIT program, please refer to the Getting Started webpage to review the CIT Toolkit, Core Elements, Ohio CIT Coordinators Expert Consensus Document, and much more!


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