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Student Complaints & DISPUTES

Resolution Process

Northeast Ohio Medical University is committed to providing all students with an exceptional educational experience and strives to work with students to resolve any issues that may arise. United States Department of Education regulations (34 CFR 668.43(b)) require institutions of higher education to have a process to handle complaints for prospective and enrolled students. This page describes the processes available and provides links to supporting policies, documentation, forms, and contacts. All Northeast Ohio Medical University students are encouraged to resolve complaints first with the university before contacting external agencies for resolution and first informally before pursuing formal resolution processes whenever possible.

Academic Complaints Policies and Procedures

Northeast Ohio Medical University provides details about student academic complaint policy and procedures in the NEOMED Compass. Please see the links below for further details:

Opportunities for Support

Informal resolutions and assistance for students involved in academic complaints have multiple support options including assistance from the:

University Complaints

NEOMED provides details about University complaint policies and procedures in the NEOMED Compass. More:

Most student forms can be easily accessed on the Student Services Forms website . In addition, you may share your concerns with the student support officers at NEOMED at any time for advocacy and assistance.

Other methods for resolution