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Immunizations & Compliance

MY CB & Immunizations

All students are required to remain current with their immunizations as per the NEOMED Immunization Policy and to upload proof of vaccination into the current immunization tracking system, MyCB.

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Student Health Insurance

Students are automatically enrolled in NEOMED medical insurance and life and disability insurance.  Students with insurance that satisfy the required criteria can waive the NEOMED medical insurance.

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Blood-Borne Pathogens & Exposure

All students are required to participate in yearly informational training about blood-borne pathogens and universal precautions. If exposure to blood or body fluids occurs, information is readily available on how to handle.

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STudent Health Services

Student Health Services aims to provide health care services to students conveniently on NEOMED’s campus. Telehealth and on-campus appointments are available for those unable to make an on-campus appointment.

morE about Health Services

The Health Care Services for Students brochure provides information on the following items:

  • Health insurance
  • Primary care
  • Immunizations
  • Counseling
  • Pharmacy information
  • Urgent care
  • Emergency health care
  • Emergency mental health care

Health Care Services Brochure*

Medical Care through AxessPointe

AxessPointe, contracted by NEOMED, provides students with medical care for non-urgent acute care needs. Laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging (when medically necessary) are not covered by the agreement and are billed to the student’s insurance. For general information and appointments, call 888.975.9188.


Phone: 330.325.6888

Health Insurance
Phone: 330.325.6888

Student Health Services

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