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Professionalism & Concerns

  • CARE Team Referral
  • Inappropriate Behavior Reporting Form –  The Inappropriate Behavior Form is intended for students to privately report any concerning or inappropriate behavior of course faculty and clinicians in the academic setting. Submissions are completely anonymous, unless you choose to identify yourself, and are shared with the Senior Exec. Director of Academic Affairs & Student Services and the college representative to address the concern and consult with the submitting student if a name is provided before any action is taken.
  • Professionalism Concern Note (PCN) – The purpose of the PCN is to confidentially report instances or patterns of substandard professional behavior of a student. The PCN form is received by Student Services with the first PCN recorded, the second resulting in a sit-down discussion and the third possibly resulting in a referral to the CAPP committee for unprofessional behavior, all depending on the seriousness of the issue and the pattern of repeated behavior. Faculty are encouraged to discuss PCNs with students before submitting the PCN.
  • Concern Form – The Concern Form is intended for use by any NEOMED student to share general concerns about NEOMED, about the curriculum, professionalism, facilities, etc. Concerns may be submitted anonymously and are reviewed by Student Services, NSC, Student Conduct Council and Student Curriculum Council. Please avoid using students’ names or using this form for specific professionalism concerns of another student. The PCN should be used to report concerns about a specific student.
  • Violations of the Law Form 
  • Student Honor Code 2020-21*



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